Pokie Machines and Poker Machines

Pokie machines without any doubt are one of the most popular entertainments in Australia. There are ~99 000 pokies spread over New South Wales alone. Funny fact: there are more pokie machines in NSW than there are koalas in whole Oz.

One of the reasons why pokies are so popular in the land of roos is because gambling is deep inside Aussies’ blood. What we are trying to say here is that activities involving financial risks were always popular in Oz. Since the first colonizers came to the Australian shores, gambling became an essential part of its’ residents.

Its’ trail can be found in 19th century when first Australian horse racing began along with first bookies starting to appear. Now you can see why Australians are so tolerant when it comes to gambling in contrast to many other cultures where this kind of activity is being shamed. Another reason that could explain this crazy love what Aussies have for pokie machines is the marketing.

In Australia you can find pokies anywhere you go: hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants, etc. When something is so exposed to the public and so available it’s hard to ignore it or walk away. Pokie machines in Australia today are like pop songs on the radio: like it or not, you will hear them anyways. But unlike most of the pop music, pokies have something to love them for.

First of all, they are extremely entertaining. It’s been proven by scientists already that playing pokies can raise your dopamine level in brain. In case if you don’t know, dopamine is known as “feel-good” hormone. It’s a kind of thing that you get when you are eating your favorite sushi rolls, having love with your girlfriend (or a boyfriend), watching an exciting movie or reading a great book. Playing pokie machines can give you the same feelings.

But unlike grinding Black Ops, making spins in pokies can actually bring you some profit. And that’s yet another reason why so many Aussies love to gamble.

Some of the pokies can even make you a millionaire if you manage to hit the jackpot there. While odds are really small massive payouts still happen from time to time and there is already a bunch of people who became filthy rich this way. But even if you won’t win any of those tempting progressive jackpots that lure crowds of people into gaming halls across the whole country, you still can get plenty of dollars by getting the right symbols on your lines.

Considering how many generous features modern pokie machines got it’s just a question of time when you will trigger one of them making money go to your pockets. Finally, pokie machines allow one to get away from daily problems. The same way we play video games, watch the episodes of our favorite shows and listen to the music, spinning the reels can help us to forget about the issues at work or home. Add some great drink that most of the venues offer their customers completely free and fantastic trip is guaranteed!  

Pokie machines for sale – can I buy one?

Great news for everyone who would love to be a casino owner: you can actually have your own Las Vegas right in your living room! All you have to do is simply buy some pokie machines for sale from one of the online retail services.

Now when the Internet became an integral part of our lives it’s easy as never before. There are plenty of websites where one can buy his own pokie machine. One of the most popular and reliable markets for that purpose would be eBay, Alibaba and Aliexpress.

The only problem of buying pokie machines from the second website would be Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). By MOQs sellers mean the minimum amount of pokie machines for sale that they are willing to ship you. The main reason why there is MOQ is because it’s unprofitable for the manufacturer to send you a single copy of the goods. It can be a problem if you need only one specific pokie for your living room.

But the good news is that you always can negotiate with the seller about this one. If you are going to buy pokies from one of the listed websites make sure that seller has a good rating and positive reviews.

After all, you wouldn’t like to get scammed, would you? You also have to pay attention if seller can ship the pokie machine to your country and what are the taxes that you will have to pay because sometimes fees are so big that it’s just not worth it.

Another thing to think about is what condition you want pokie machine to be. While it’s always nice to have something new and unpacked, used pokie machines for sale can save you plenty of money since they are many times cheaper than brand new ones. For example, you can get some used ones under AU $1 000 while new ones may cost you several thousands of Australian dollars.

Another option how you could save money is buying some Chinese clones: this way you kill two birds with one stone – you get a new pokie machine and at the same time you aren’t bankrupting yourself. But if money isn’t a thing for you then you can buy some pokie machines directly from the biggest game suppliers like Novomatic, for example.

Swiss folks have some great arcade cabinets to offer with large high-definition screens that go up to a stunning 4K resolution.

Apart of that their VIP arcade cabinets have touch-screen controls and a chair that will make you feel like a boss. But if you are on a budget and you love all kind of DIY stuff then you can build a pokie machine by yourself! For example, there is a video on YouTube where one enthusiast built his own Novomatic Gaminator using a $30 worth PC that he bought from eBay and some pokie emulator that he downloaded from the Internet completely for free.

One great thing about a homemade pokie machine is that you can actually customize the payout rate there making your wins happen more often. Ever wanted to hit the jackpot and “rob” the casino? Here you go! But if you are thinking of getting some pokie machines for sale only because you want to play your favorite titles all time long, then you can do it much easier by using the demo version of them in one of the preferred online casinos.  

Pokie machines in Australia – which is the best machine?

While pokie machines are extremely popular all over the world, it seems like Aussies have the special kind of feelings towards them since all kind of gaming cabinets are dominating this wonderful place. In fact, you could easily call it a land of pokies considering how many of them are there. But like in any other niche, when there are so many products you can’t expect them to be equally good.

So, how one could detect the best machine among the thousands of titles? Well, one way would be to check the game’s rating. It’s unlikely that products with bugs, slow load times or low RTP would get any recognition from the players’ side. Especially, when there are so many games with some really stunning visuals, original game concepts and enticing features.

Another way to detect the best pokie machines in Australia is to decide what kind of games you are looking for: low volatility ones or high volatility ones? As we mentioned above, choosing the pokie machine is very individual thing to do. It all comes to one’s preferences and budget. Trying to answer what is the best pokie machine in Australia is the same as if we would try to decide what’s better: Pepsi or Coke?

In case with volatility, you have to decide for yourself what you want more: more often winnings but with smaller payouts or some bigger outcomes but on a much less frequency. Same goes for bet limits: not every pokie can satisfy high roller appetites.

Just like not every pokie machine will allow you to participate in the race for the jackpot without placing a decent bet. Finally, there is a theme. Depending on personal preferences the concept of best pokie machines in Australia may vary drastically between players.

While most popular pokie themes include Ancient Egypt, Aztecs and fruits, one can find games with vampires, rockstars and leprechauns. There are even pokie machines about firemen and dictators! Having such variance will definitely help you to find the game to your liking.

But in case if it’s still too hard for you to decide what pokie to play you can always try to play some of them using the demo mode and see if that particular title is exciting enough for you. Although this is the case only if you choose to play in iGaming venues (that’s probably the best thing about online casinos of Australia: they allow you to try out games without risking any of your money).  

Online pokie machines

Online pokie machines are relatively new form of entertainment. Only two decades has passed since the first Web-based pokie was presented to the world and look: they are dominating the world’s gambling area now like Napoleon did the Europe. There are several reasons why pokies are so popular among millions of punters.

First one is a skyrocketing rise of Internet and the high penetration of the computers. Online pokie machines couldn’t become popular if computers wouldn’t be so mainstream today: when practically everybody owns desktop or laptop, there is nothing stopping one from trying out some online pokie machines.

Then mobile phones came on the scene and new era of gambling has begun. Now people could access online casinos everywhere they would go as long as they had some battery percentage left on their phones and Internet connection was available. Already popular online pokie machines received even more recognition from the punters.

Finally, there was and still is some marketing involved that gave online pokies additional popularity. If it’s not your first day on the Internet, then chances are that you’ve seen some gambling adverts here and there. Most of them will try to lure you with some free spin offer that casinos use to encourage their new customers.

Therefore, the only way how one could play pokie machines in Australia now is head over to some of the online casinos in order to enjoy your favorite games there. Thus, you will protect both yourself and people around you.  

Best Pokie machines

Before we will get into the best pokie machines we need to agree on what criteria we are going to evaluate those. You see, there are dozens of casino game providers that are working on creating the best pokie machine. Each developer has its’ own vision of how the perfect pokie should look like. Some try to make their products as innovative as they can, while others prefer to stick to already proven formulas.

For example, there are plenty of games released every year that are exploiting fruit theme. While it’s nothing new, ask any old-school gambler what he thinks of those and he will say that these are the best pokie machines out there. There are also many punters who don’t care about specific game theme.

They will prefer to play high RTP pokies rather than trying out some other titles. But while these games can award you with some decent payouts not everyone is ready for high-variance pokie machines. Same goes for the ones that have jackpot among their features. Therefore, you need to decide for yourself what you want from a pokie machine?

Do you want it to be entertaining as it can be or the huge win potential is your priority? What volatility do you want to see? Does it have to be with some mind-blowing features or you want it to be simple and straightforward like pallet truck? Do you care about the pokie’s soundtrack or you mute the sound when you are playing? Are you a high roller or more like casual gambler? All these questions must be answered before you will start to search for the games that will become your personal best pokie machines.

The only advice from our side would be to choose the right place where to play. Just like you won’t find any exquisite dishes in Hungry Jack’s, you won’t be able to play best pokie machines if you decide to gamble in some unlicensed casinos.

While they may have all of the popular titles in their assortment, you can be 100% sure that most of these games are nothing but bootleg copies of the original ones. You not only won’t have the same experience as if you would play real pokies coming straight from the studios, but you also will lose fair amount of money considering that all of those pirated games can be modified by casino administrators in order to lower the return rate.  

Poker Machines

Poker machines today and poker machines half a century ago are two different things. Back in the days so-called pokies weren’t feature-rich either they didn’t have any stunning visuals like their modern versions. In a matter of fact, they were extremely simple in all meanings.

But they still offered some thrill and great winnings for those who were lucky enough to score them. Despite the minimalistic graphics and modest gameplay, thousands of people were attracted to the screens of those devices.

Now these poker machines are called classic or retro slots. Symbols that players could see while they were spinning the reels included sevens, various fruits starting from cherries and ending with lemons (that’s why some people refer to old poker machines as fruit pokies), card suits (by the way, they still are present in most of the modern poker machines) and the word bar.

While most of the pokies now have five reels which became quite a standard for the industry, back in the days things were completely different. Thus, slots not only had three reels instead of five, they didn’t have many lines either. In a matter of fact, most of the games back then had only one horizontal line.

Now go argue that things weren’t simpler back in the days, heh. But jokes aside: poker machines those times were big as Kanye West’s ego. And while Internet was just around the corner still some time had to pass before first online casinos would appear. By the way, don’t be confused if you will hear someone saying one-armed bandit.

This term also stands for poker machines, but only the more old ones that had mechanical levers attached to their sides. Players saw them as bandits because after having a losing streak one could leave the gaming hall with empty pockets like if he would get robbed by some actual bandits.

As time went, poker machines started to have buttons and later even the touch screens. Once being the only possible way to play poker machines, so-called one-armed bandits now completely disappeared from the market – only several devices of this kind can be found in Las Vegas casinos.

While it may be a sad thing to hear for those who genuinely loved to horse around with those levers, it’s the price that you have to pay for progress. There are dozens of things that became obsolete in just a decade or two: pagers, beepers, DVDs, MP3 players, etc. Seems like it’s time for one-armed bandits as well. But while entourage and the way that we interact with poker machines may change, the core principles stay the same: pokies are games of chance.

While you can actually win some really impressive money there, you will need some luck to do that.

The most favored by fortune players even managed to become multimillionaires by playing poker machines that were linked to some progressive jackpot chain. On the other hand, even if you won’t win the jackpot you still will get your portion of thrill and excitement: this is where poker machines never disappoint!  

Poker machines in Australia

There can be no doubt that poker machines are dominating the gambling landscape of Australia right now. Major reason for that is their availability – there are more pokies than a public WCs. You will find poker machines in Australia in most of the pubs where you will go.

There is nothing to be surprised about since poker machines are easy to handle and they don’t require hiring a croupier that would deal the cards or spin the ball. Add some mind-blowing profits that these devices accumulate to their owners and you can see why Australia is filled with those. But despite the prevalence of poker machines in Australia many Aussies prefer to gamble online.

While some might call this a laziness in its’ peak, don’t be quick on judgments – choosing to place wagers online isn’t only about someone being lazy. It can be motivated by a whole bunch of other good reasons. For example, playing poker machines in Australia over the Internet may take away any kind of distraction that you eventually will get in pubs and land-based casinos, thus allowing focus more on the game. Another great reason why Aussies are shifting to the online casinos to play pokie machines there is a safety question.

In this meaning playing poker machines from your living room now sounds totally different: it’s not only about a comfort zone anymore – it’s about staying safe and keeping safe other people.

On the other hand, land-based venues are doing their best to make their guests feel safe: they put plexiglass barriers between neighbor pokies, so people wouldn’t sneeze on each other. There are also dozens of masks and hand sanitizers spread all over the place. And here you go, one more reason why online casinos getting sky rocketed right now: if you are tired of wearing masks playing poker machines over the Internet could be a great solution for you. After all, who are you going to infect playing some pokies in your living room?  

Poker machines games

When it comes to poker machines games choice gets really HUGE. At times, choosing the right game becomes a real dilemma. Even if we are talking about the land-based casinos some of the venues in Australia have thousands of pokies all over the perimeter. But if you want to get even bigger choice then you should head over to the online casinos: their game catalogues are even more extensive!

One of the best things when it comes to gambling online is that it’s much easier to navigate there: unlike the land-based venue where one has to walk square meters before he will find the game he desires, in the web-based casinos it’s a matter of few clicks.

Every online gambling platform nowadays allow players to search for different titles, easily sort games by their rating, look for the poker machines that were released by a certain software developer and add the ones you play the most to your favorite list in order to have a quicker access to them in future.

You also won’t have to deal with taken seats when playing online: we know how disappointing it can be sometimes when you walk through the whole venue just to find out that the poker machine that you were looking for so urgently is already taken by some other visitor.

Stuff that never can happen in virtual gambling environment since every poker machine there is digital. Another great feature of playing poker machines at online casinos is that you can actually try them for free: the lavishness that you won’t see in any typical gambling venue. While playing pokies for free won’t give you any cash rewards it’s still a great option since it allows you to try out different games completely for free! If you want to get the maximum out of pokies you should apply for some casino bonus.

Every Australian online casino nowadays has own welcome bonus to treat their new clients. As a part of those bonuses, new customers can get to make some spins completely for free (although every winning that you will make during those free spins will have its’ own wagering requirement, so make sure you read T&C before you go in). Last but not least: if you want to beat a pokie machine, you should play only in trusted casino at first place. Thus, you will have guaranteed wins and money withdrawals.  

Free poker machines

While free poker machines might sound like something surreal, it’s actually a real thing that exists for a long time already. You can find plenty of them across various online casinos in Australia.

It’s a common thing in the computer world for software developers to release trial versions of their products. The similar approach is used by the casino providers: they make demos of their pokies, so players who are in doubt could get a whole picture of what they will get when they will start to place actual wagers on a certain game.

Basically, free poker machines are the exact copies of games that are played using the real money: same gameplay, same features, even same RTP and volatility (which allows you to make verdicts about how generous is one game or another).

The only difference here is that you are playing using the play money. This way you can try out hundreds of poker machines without even spending a nickel! But while it may sound great on paper, there definitely is a moment when you should stop play free poker machines.

The main reason is because like any demo-product they won’t give you the same feelings if you would play pokies for real. Mostly, it’s because of the lack of thrill: when you are not risking anything, you can’t take game seriously.

Another great reason not to stay too long playing free poker machines is that you won’t get any profit out of them. And trust me: sometimes it can be really frustrating to win some really nice prizes in demo-slot just to see that you can’t withdraw them because it was a play-money.

So keep that in mind when you approach yet another free poker machine. Otherwise playing free pokies can be a real soul therapy: just spin the reels, watch some fancy animations being triggered each time you make a win, explore the features of the game and its’ bonus rounds, play around with the size of stakes to see how it will work for you, and that’s all without risking any of your money!

And just like the real money pokies, free poker machines don’t require you to download and install anything – you can play them directly from your browser as long as it supports HTML5 (every modern browser does). More than that, you can also play free poker machines from mobile both from iPhones and Android phones.  

Online poker machines

There are plenty of perks when we are talking about playing poker machines on the Web. First of all, by choosing to gamble in iGaming venue you have many times bigger choice than if you would stick to land-based casinos. Don’t get me wrong: good old brick-and-mortar gaming halls have their own pros.

But when it comes to the game assortment nothing can beat the game catalogues that online casinos have. Thus, they offer hundreds of titles provided by dozens of game providers. You can pick any game you want just in few clicks.

Many of those titles you won’t find in your local pub or casino simply because these venues are limited physically, therefore it’s impossible to store thousands of poker machines there. Although, there are some poker machines that can have multiple games on them. Gaminator poker machines are a good example of this: player can choose between one of the Novomatic’s classic titles.

But still even this type of devices can’t compete with all that selection that online casinos have. Another reason why so many people love to play online poker machines is the convenience that you get when you choose to gamble in Web-based venues. Thus, you can play from your living room and eat whatever you want.

Not only you aren’t limited with casino restaurant menu, but you also don’t have to buy overpriced drinks. It can be crucial for someone who loves pasta, but the local venue offers only sushi to their customers. Playing poker machines online eliminates this issue since you aren’t forced to eat what’s on menu simply using delivery instead.

Last but not least: online poker machines are always around. While it’s completely true that land-based venues work round the clock, it still requires you some time and effort to get there. But with online poker machines you can play from any place and any time you like.  

Best poker machines

As we mentioned above, online casinos bring really immense choice of games to play to their customers. But as we know, any coin has its’ own flip side. In this sense having such a big choice can give you some difficulties: how you are supposed to choose the right game when there are hundreds of titles available online?

One proven way to make your life easier and your selection process less struggling is to trust the choice that others already have made. You see, most of the online casinos today allow you to sort games not only by their title or software provider, but also by their user rating.

You can use it to determine the most popular poker machines and check what all the fuss is about. After all, if so many people pick some certain titles over other ones, those games can’t be bad.

This approach of finding the best poker machines out there is similar to picking a right movie: instead of spending hours on browsing Netflix catalogue you can simply head to the IMDb and choose a random picture from some Top 250. But no matter what pokie you will choose you should remember that best poker machines are extremely subjective thing. Let’s take good old fruit pokies as an example.

For many punters today they will look dated with their simple graphics, minimalistic soundtracks and zero features. But if we are talking about retro-gamblers then spinning these pokies can bring them a nostalgic vibes and refresh some memories about good old days. Therefore, it all comes to an individual’s preferences and in this sense online casino is the best choice one can make since they give an ultimate freedom allowing player to choose between hundreds of completely different games. So, it’s only a question of time when you will find yours best poker machines.  


List of Australian poker machines 

It’s hard to overestimate the gambling industry in Australia: in case if you didn’t know it’s the most gambling country in the whole world. If you love to play so-called poker machines which are known as pokies here, you will love this continent. During the last few decades it became not only a homeland for koalas, but also for around two hundred thousand electronic gaming machines. While having a freedom of choice is always a great thing, in this particular case it can play a bad joke with you since it’s easy to get confused when there are so many titles available. That’s why we’ve decided to create this list of Australian poker machines. Hopefully, it will help you to find your way in this chaos and will allow you to choose the right pokie.

If we are talking about the gambling scene in Australia we have to mention few pokie game providers that are the big fish right now. The first company that should be on this list is Aristocrat since it’s a real pioneer of Australian gambling. This company exists for more than half a century already and like many successful players out there it was lucky to be at the right place at the right time: just three years later after it was created pokies got legalized. The next company that makes equally great pokie games is IGT. While their main market is the US, their products are very popular among Aussie punters as well. Then there is Ainsworth Game Technology that was founded by the same man who was in charge of already mentioned Aristocrat. It’s third most powerful pokie manufacturer after Aristocrat and IGT.

Aussies love Ainsworth Gaming due to their multi-level progressive jackpots. You can get some decent money there if luck is on your side. You know how they say: the sky is the limit for a gifted individual, and Ainsworth Gaming is a perfect example of this. While the companies that we’ve mentioned above, are the major players in Australia’s gambling scene, there are some other game makers that are worth mentioning. One of such companies is Konami. They made their way in Straya’s market during the mid 90s.

Once it was in the top three of pokie providers in Australia but lately was pushed off by Aristocrat. Still their Money in the Bank and Incan Pyramid stay popular until this day. Another legendary game maker in Australia’s gambling market is Bally. This company is a result of merging of three other companies into one.  Their most known games are Kelly’s Fortune and Wolf Mountain. Many Aussie gambling fans also love products of WMS Gaming. This company exists more than half a century already and has produced lots of great titles for the Aussie pokie players. Ones of their most famous games include Zeus, Li’l Red and Jungle Wild.

List of Australian poker machines and pokies played most today 

Times change, so are our preferences. If just a few decades ago most of us would go to some pub in order to play pokies, majority of gamblers today are doing it right from their living room. Of course, having a cup of coffee in some venue is always great thing to do, but there are times when you just want to stay home and wrap yourself in a blanket. Especially in times like these. Luckily, there are online casinos that make a great help in fighting with boredom while being on the quarantine. They offer hundreds of pokies and generous bonuses to every customer.  In case if such variance scares you and you don’t know which game to choose then you are welcome to use our list: here we listed the best poker machines in Australia that are very popular among the punters (most of them feature roos and koalas on their reels).

Roo Riches

This is one of the most popular Australian-themed pokie machines. Developed by British company iSoftbet, this game has some decent visuals and interesting features. Apart from well-known free spin and respin features there is a bonus called Lightning Bet. Its’ biggest selling point is that instead of waiting when the luck finally will smile you back, you can activate this feature by yourself.  Although, you will have to pay 200x of your coin value for every spin that you will make during that feature. While it may sound pricy, it has some pros. Thus, you can land yourself a jackpot of 15,000. Not a bad deal, huh?

Kangaroo Land

If you love Australia’s wildlife then you definitely will fall in love with this EGT pokie. Not only it allows you to meet some of the Oz’s native animals, but it also gives you a chance to win lots of bucks. And when we say lots of bucks, we mean it: Kangaroo land offers their players four (!) progressive jackpots. Apart from that there is a free spin mode and the gamble feature where you can double your winnings.  In order to do that you will have to guess the color of the card. While it may be feature-rich, Kangaroo Land has very minimalistic soundtrack – you will hear music only when you make a win. Apart from that, it’s a great pokie to play.

Big Red

This is without any doubt a legendary pokie provided by the Australian pokie machine godfather, Aristocrat. It has relatively high return rate and features some of the Straya’s native animal species.  Despite being a very basic game, this pokie still is one of the most popular products in Australian casinos. Perhaps, it’s because Aussies don’t like to complicate things. Anyways, it has all the features that one would look for in a modern pokie: free spins, gamble, Wilds and even multipliers. While this game won’t blow you away with its’ visuals and sounds (there is no background music at all!), it definitely can give you some decent wins thanks to its’ return rates and bonuses!

4Australian Magic

This is the next game on our list of the best and most played Australian pokies today. If you can’t make it to the Oz this can work too. Being an Australian-themed pokie this game allows you not only to meet some of the brightest specimen of Australia’s wildlife, but also to get known with aboriginals. While it’s not as popular as the pokies that we mentioned in our list above, it still has some great features that gamblers love, i.e. free spin rounds, double multipliers and the risk game where you can increase your winnings up to four times! So, make sure you check out this game and see how Australian Magic will work for you.


This is yet another popular pokie in Australian gambling venues. While the games that we mentioned before all were multi-line pokies, Redroo, by contrast, uses completely different approach called 1024 bet ways.  It makes things much less complicated, especially for the novice gamblers: now instead of trying to memorize all the line patterns you can simply take a look at the screen: as long as there are matching symbols on the consecutive reels, you are the winner. Apart from that, Redroo is luring punters by its’ free spin bonuses and whopping multipliers that can go up to some stunning x27! You definitely not want to miss that!

Dollars Down Under

This is a great pokie for all of those who love colorful games with cartoon-like visuals. Just like the Redroo, it features native Australian animals and some great features. Thus, you will be able to get a taste of free spins and participate in pick and win game.  Also don’t let the Wild Kangaroo symbol jump away from you since it comes with generous x2 multiplier.  The main prize is 25 000 coin worth jackpot and while it takes quite luck to get it in your pocket, thirty pay-lines will allow you to have some winnings on an ongoing basis. Therefore, don’t be shy and see for yourself how bets will boomerang back to you as soon as you hit the reels of this wonderful pokie machine!

Boomerang Bonanza

While this game isn’t very well-known outside of Australia, Aussies go crazy for it! Developed by Booming Games, this pokie at first glance may look like an average Australian-themed game: outback landscape, soundtrack full of wind instrument sounds and all that. But there are two key features that set Boomerang Bonanza apart from other games that use the same theme. First of all, it has an unusual layout of four reels and four rows.  While it may be just a design thing that won’t give you any advantages, it’s still nice to have some variety from time to time. As for the second feature, you will love it: pokie’s paytable has bonus symbols that once they appear on the reels can rotate them by 90 degrees, thus allowing you to make some spectacular wins!

Red Sands

With kangaroos all over its’ reels, Red Sands is quite a simple game even for an Australian-themed pokie machine. Released back in 2006, you can see why this game’s visuals look so dated. Yet it has all the bonuses that modern punter would appreciate. I’m talking now about the free spins that can be activated just by two Scatter symbols and progressive jackpot which you can get if five kangaroo symbols will land on one of the activated pay-lines. So, while this pokie machine doesn’t have any specific highlights that would separate it from other games of this kind, it still got some nice features that can give you a great profit. Maybe, someday RTG will decide to remaster their collection of older machines and we will get a more modern version of this game.

Boomerang Edge

If you believe the saying “what goes around comes around”, then you definitely should place some wagers on this pokie since they can be multiplied there by astonishing x20! Being more modern game (only two years has passed since its’ release date) this pokie makes a big contrast to the ones that we’ve mentioned before.  As the result, it has some nice animations with kangaroos jumping in front of the reels and boomerangs flying behind them. Also you can enjoy plenty of the game bonuses right from your mobile device and it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have: Android or iPhone – in both scenarios you may be calm: Boomerang Edge is an HTML5 game, so it will work flawlessly on any platform. The main game features are shifting Wilds, multipliers and free spins.

Kanga Cash

Continues the list of modern Australian-themed games. It’s packed with different features that won’t leave Aussie punters unsatisfied.  These features include respins, multipliers that can go up to whopping x45 and the Grand Jackpot! While it may not be easy thing to hit there are some videos on YouTube showing that it’s actually possible.  All you need to have is some luck on your side. Just like all the new Australian-themed games Kanga Cash can be accessed from various devices including tablets and phones. So if you love mobile gambling you may be sure that you won’t stay behind the board with this online pokie.

Outback Walkabout

This game is a great example of what an Australian-themed pokie should look like. It has decent visuals and great soundtrack with some nature sounds overlaying folklore music.  You also won’t need to worry about which lines you should activate since this game pays you for any combination as long as symbols are on adjacent reels.  It also has tumbling reels, so you can win multiple times even if you spun the reels only once. If you will be lucky you may also unlock the free spin feature. Just make sure that you place a proper wager first, because you won’t be able to change your bet amount during the bonus.

Jumping Jack Cash

While Jumping Jack Cash is relatively new game that features the exotic mammals of Australia’s wildlife, it’s pretty simple pokie, so don’t expect to see anything revolutionary here. Moreover, in our opinion it’s very poor in terms of features. Thus, the only bonuses that you can expect to get are substitutes by Wilds and free spins that are activated by Scatter symbols. And… that’s pretty much it for Jumping Jack Cash! Oh, almost forgot: it also has 1,024 ways to win. If you are okay with that, then you are welcome to play it at any online casino that has this game (you can check our list of the best Australian Internet casinos).

Kanga Cash Extra

I bet the déjà vu feeling stroke you as soon as you have read the title of this pokie. Yes, it’s the old good Kanga Cash game that we have covered a bit above. Only this time it comes with some extra.  Thus, it has higher return rate to the player and additional jackpot that can land you $15 000 bucks if you are lucky to get it. Also it was released only a month ago, so if you like the idea of playing the newest pokies then Kanga Cash Extra is a great choice. It definitely feels like a modern casino product. If you’ve played its’ predecessor and found it to be a great game, you will also love the Kanga Cash Extra.

Silver Stallion

Just like almost every Australian-themed pokie that we listed above, Silver Stallion settles deep in outback with reels full of its’ dwellers.  But while you won’t see anything new in terms of setting here, you probably will be pleasantly surprised with bonus features. Thus, Silver Stallion has progressive jackpots, bonus wheel games and some dazzling multipliers that can go up to x100 while the max payout here is x2,500! Apart from that, there is one funny thing about it: despite being an Australian-themed game Silver Stallion can give you some Wild West vibes as well since some of the symbols include things like cowboys hats and cattle steer skulls.


You can tell this is an Australian poker machine just by looking at its’ name. Wombaroo was developed by the Booming Games studio that is responsible for many popular pokies that you will see in online casinos.  Mostly their products get such love from players’ side because they are very well-crafted and have modern-looking visuals with some great animations. Wombaroo is not exception to this rule: it looks really nice. But what’s really great is that it not only has stunning picture and the feel of modern game, it also packs many features as well. There are free spins, Hold and Re-Spin feature and locked Wilds. Great game, great features!

Jackaroo Jack

We will be honest with you and tell you right away: Jackaroo Jack won’t surprise you in terms of visuals. It doesn’t have any jaw-dropping graphics. In fact, it may look bit dated for the game that has been developed only three years ago.  But you can still run it on your phone without any problems and what’s more important – it has lots of generous features. The bonus list includes re-spins, fixed Wilds, free spins and multipliers going up to x40! It also uses 1,024 ways to win idea, so you can relax and forget about any lines: just spin the reels and wait when some symbols will land in adjacent reels.

Aussie Rules

No wonder why Australians love this game. Just look at the title! But apart from that it’s not the best pokie out there. First of all, it looks dated. Secondly, it doesn’t have any unique features, so it may be little bit boring for more experienced punters. Thirdly, developed in 2010 this game wasn’t updated for many years and, as the result, is using outdated Flash technology. Finally, there is criminally low 93.3% return rate. But we still decided to list this game because it fits the Australian theme and may find its’ own fan base. After all, there still are all the bonuses that you like to see in pokie machines: free spins, Wilds, Scatters.

Diamonds Downunder

This is a game that will be highly appreciated not only by Australians, but also by any person who loved a Crocodile Dundee movie (if for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch right after you will finish your game!). It’s also a great pokie for those of you who enjoy playing some cartoon-styled machines.  The features are nice as well: Diamonds Downunder has a free spin bonus that comes with x3 multiplier and pick and win type of game that is activated when at least three map symbols land on the reels. With max win of 25 000 you have nice potential to end up with some great prizes. So, go get your pickaxe – you will need it to dig some diamonds!

Outback Downunder

While Novomatic is known for its’ Ancient Egypt themed pokie Book of Ra, they also have a game that Aussies will be able to relate to. We can’t say for sure if Swiss developer has any plans of taking over the world, but it’s clear as day that this pokie machine definitely will conquer the hearts of Australian punters. As for the game itself, it’s a typical Novomatic pokie.  If you have played any games produced by this company, then you know what to expect. Outback Downunder has all the trademarks of Swiss pokie machine: simplistic sounds, the gamble feature and, of course, some free spins. This time they will come with some multipliers, so you can expect to see some decent winnings to happen.

Crazy Mix

Ready to meet some aboriginals? Then you are welcome to play Crazy Mix pokie machine developed by TrueLab games. It’s very pleasing to the eye and has some delightful soundtrack. What we also loved about this pokie is not only the variance of features that it has, but the way they are packed.  Once you get some Wilds on the reels, Chuck, the main character of this game, will throw boomerang in order to knock down some fruits that can activate different bonuses like respins, multipliers, etc. Thanks to the nicely crafted animation, it becomes very entertaining to watch all this process. With all the features and return rate of 96.34% this pokie has some nice win potential. Who knows: perhaps you will be the one who will get the tempting x25000 jackpot?

Most Popular poker machines in Australia 

While online casinos aren’t limited physically like their land-based opponents and can store hundreds of pokies, not every game gets the same amount of love from Aussies. Let’s find out what pokies are the most popular in Australia. Probably, one of the most played by Aussies pokie is Buffalo. You will see this game both in online casinos and land-based venues. Developed by one of the gambling Gullivers, Aristocrat, it is an undeniable classic. It uses 1024 way win mechanism and can offer its’ players a 300 coin worth maximum win. Punters also love the fact that it has free spin feature with some crazy multipliers attached to them. ‘ While free spins themselves isn’t something new, you won’t find many pokies that can multiply your winnings up to stunning x27! Another great pokie from Aristocrat that definitely is worth of your attention is Queen o The Nile. Just like the Buffalo, this game has free spin feature and multipliers. Although, we should warn that the max multiplier in this pokie is limited by x3. People who love to try their luck definitely will appreciate the Gamble feature that this game has in its’ armory.    Overall, it’s very standard, yet still exciting game. Then there is a Big Red pokie. It features kangaroo as the main character, so you can see why Aussies love it so much. But it’s not only the native species symbols on the reels that make this game so exciting. It also has some re-spins, randomly activated multipliers and free spin feature, of course. If you love this kind of stuff, then make sure you check out the Big Red. Finally, there is Zeus, another gem that can be found in Australian casinos’ game catalogues. As you could already guess by looking at its’ name, this pokie exploits the Ancient Greece theme. Therefore, if you love mythology you will also love to play this game. Especially with all the bonuses that this game has to offer to the players. While it may look little bit old-fashioned comparing to the more modern pokies, it still got all the features that you would look for in pokie machine: free spins (you can have up to 100 of them!), Scatters and Wild symbols that can substitute for all other symbols except the Scatters.

Top 5 most popular poker machines today 

50 Lions

This is one of the most iconic pokies developed by Australian gambling giant, Aristocrat. It may look dated, but that’s only because it was released almost twenty years ago and primarily was designed as cabinet for land-based venues.  But eventually online casinos started to become more and more popular, so Aristocrat decided not to stay aside and get their own slice of pie. That’s how 50 Lions made their way to the gambling websites. The soundtrack is pretty simplistic here and includes basic sounds accompanied by crowd noises like if you would be in some land-based casino. As for the features, they are also very straightforward here. Thus, the only bonuses you can expect are free spins, Wilds and the risk game. By playing the latter you can double and even quadruple your win. In order to do that you have to guess what color or suit is the hidden card.

Only be careful since if you guess wrong, you not only won’t win anything, but you also will lose everything that you got before you went to the risk game. The great thing about this feature is that you can always quit it halfway through as soon as you start to feel that luck has left you. Just like with any game of chance, here you will have to find balance and understand when it’s worth of risk and when you are just being greedy.  The biggest win in this pokie machine is 1 000 coins, so if you wager four dollars per spin here you will be able to get 4 000 dollars for landing five lions on one of the active pay-lines. While it’s quite nice sum of money, the max win of 1 000 coins looks relatively small comparing to many modern pokie machines. And it looks even smaller when you look at the return rate of 50 Lions which is low as 94.71%. Still, many Aussies are big fans of this poker machine even up to this day.


We can’t say for sure who started the Ancient Egypt trend in pokie machines, but it’s clear as day that this theme was heavily exploited by casino software providers over the years. Moreover, it’s hard to find a studio that wouldn’t have at least one Ancient Egypt-themed pokie in their portfolio. When we were gathering information about Cleopatra pokie for you, we’ve come upon at least around fifty games that have the name of the Ancient Egypt’s ruler in their title! While there are many products that feature Cleopatra, for some reason Aussies prefer the game that was developed by International Gaming Technology. Probably the main reason why it’s so popular in Australia is because of its’ prevalence in gaming halls. Back in the days when it was first released, online casinos weren’t that popular as they are now during the coronavirus times. Even though there were many gambling websites already, lots of punters preferred to play in some local venues rather than making a deposit at iGaming platforms.

But the thing is that land-based casinos can’t store as many games as the dedicated website since they have limited space (that’s why they will never beat online casinos in terms of game assortment). Therefore, people had to choose only those games that were available in the specific venue that they were attending. And, as you could guess already, most of the pubs were filled with Cleopatra pokie machines. Just like Novomatic, the guys from IGT saw how popular online gambling niche is and decided to expand their business there as well. It definitely was a smart move from their side. It is especially evident now when most of the land-based venues are shut down while online casinos are working and prospering. As for the game itself, you can’t expect to see any innovations in Cleopatra pokie since it is quite old game, but it still can give you some profits if you get to win the 10 000 credit worth jackpot there.

More Chilli

This top 5 most popular poker machines today list couldn’t be full without More Chilli game. Developed by one of the Australian gambling business sharks, Aristocrat, this pokie won the hearts of Aussie punters. You will find it to be in the top list of pokie machines in many Australian casinos. It features Mexican theme with hot peppers and some Chihuahuas all over the reels. Just like the already mentioned 50 Lions, More Chilli is yet another living evidence that pokie machine doesn’t have to be innovative or bring some revolution in order to become popular. While this Mexican-themed game can’t be called complex, it doesn’t mean that there are no exciting features. Once you proceed to the free spin bonus you won’t only be able to get some extra chances to win without risking any of your wager, but you also will get some extra sets of reels that will increase your odds twice.

If that is not enough for you, then what about having two reels full of Wilds? Moreover, you can add some spice to your play and get up to four sets of reels by collecting the hot pepper symbols! Ultimately, if you will be lucky enough you will have 25 reels with 5 reels of them being full of Wild symbols and 100 pay-lines in total. But even if this is not hot enough for you, you can add up even more spice by gambling everything that you have won during the bonus feature. Just like many other Aristocrat’s pokie machines, More Chilli has the risk game where you can multiply your winnings by guessing the color of card. It’s not only very profitable, but also extremely thrilling considering that you can lose all your winnings in the blink of an eye. Now you can see why Aussies love this game so much even though it tend to be a Mexican-themed machine without any koalas or roos on the reels.

Dolphin Treasure

Is yet another classic pokie machine from Aristocrat that has got into our top 5 list. And just like any classic pokie this game is very straightforward and simple. You won’t find any complex features here, yet it doesn’t mean there are no bonuses. First and foremost, every win can be multiplied by participating in the risk game which is one of the Aristocrat’s trademarks. Although, this feature is not for everybody: more like for those who love thrill and seek for some extra adrenaline. On the other hand, if you choose to take the risk you can double and even quadruple your initial winnings. Moreover, you can do it several times in a row if you are lucky enough. But if you are more cautious type of person there are some safer features to be enjoyed in the Dolphin Treasure.

One of them would be to land five Wild symbols on one of the paylines – it not only will award you with some fun animations of the dolphin jumping out of the water, but will also provide you the highest win in this game that is 9,000x your stake! But even if you get only one or two of them you still can be happy since every win that involves Wild symbols is doubled. If you think that’s generous, then wait for free spin bonus to hit the reels and watch how every Wild win will be trebled during the feature. So, while we can’t call this game a modern pokie it still provides players with all the bonuses that they would love to see in the poker machine. Since it was first released many other studios developed their own underwater-related products. But funny thing: while some of them have way more superior graphics and bigger pots to offer, the Aristocrat’s Dolphin Treasure remains Aussies’ favorite till this day.

5 Dragons

This is one more poker machine that Aussies go crazy about. Before this game made its’ way into online casino world, it was a land-based venue top tier product. It has some Asian twist, so if you love this kind of stuff, then 5 Dragons easily can become your favorite online casino game. It has Reel Power feature where players instead of placing bets per lines are wagering on reels. It works the following way: you purchase one reel and you can get all the symbols that you will get on this particular reel. As for the other reels you will be able to make use only of their middle row. Thus, the more reels you will buy the bigger wins you will get. Generally, it’s very flexible pokie machine. You aren’t only able to decide how many reels you want to buy, but you also can choose what should be your bonus.

Once you will hit some free spin feature you will be asked to select what you like more: higher Wild multipliers or the bigger number of spins. Also during the free spin feature you can have some additional prizes when red envelopes will land on first and fifth reels. While the pokie developer does not consider it necessary to explain us what exactly is inside those envelopes you definitely wouldn’t want to miss them since one of them can give you a bonus win up to 50x your stake! Finally, there is so-called risk game where you can put on the line everything that you’ve won during the last spin in order to double or even quadruple your wins! While it sounds encouraging enough, it still is quite risky thing since you can lose all your prizes just in one second. In summary, 5 Dragons is great pokie machine. While it may not have rich soundtrack or modern-looking visuals, it still can provide you some great experience. [toc]