No deposit bonus 

Online casinos nowadays have some crazy amount of bonuses to offer their clients. There is nothing to be surprised of since this kind of companies is in permanent search for the new players. Customers are casino’s blood that keeps it alive. 

That’s why even big companies still keep looking for new players. And one of the best ways how to attract someone to play some pokies on certain website is to offer him some generous bonus. It should be kind of offer that is hard to refuse and no deposit bonus surely is one of them. In fact, it’s one of the most generous bonuses that casino can offer their players. 


What is no deposit bonus?

As the name suggests, no deposit bonus allows one to play some real money games without making any kind of wager. But you shouldn’t think that no deposit question equals sign free money. If it would be like that online casinos would be bankrupt long time ago.

In order to prevent it gambling companies offer only small amounts of money in their no deposit bonuses. Most of the times it will be from five to ten Australian dollars. While it’s not a big sum it still gives one a chance to try some real money games without risking your own. 


No deposit bonus abuse

You should keep in mind that no deposit bonus was made only for informational purposes, so players could get a taste of real money casino games. Therefore you can’t withdraw the money right after you got it – you actually have to play something before you will be able to cash-out. 

Otherwise there would be lots of dishonest people joining the casino only to get some quick buck. But online casinos aren’t charity organizations – they don’t give people money just for a fun of it! Thus, no deposit bonus is used by casino owners as a promotional tool to make people play on their website. Of course, there always will be some sneaky folks that will try to abuse everything that can be abused. That’s why as one of the measures to prevent no deposit bonus abuse casino owners forbid their clients to make more than one account on their website.  


How to get no deposit bonus 

Here is a simple instruction how you can easily get yourself a no deposit bonus and start to play some pokies and live games without any risk for your wallet. First of all, choose the casino where you want to play. Luckily, there are plenty of websites that not only have impressive game catalogue but also some great promotions running on regular basis with no deposit bonus among them. 

You can also use one of our suggested websites since all the casinos there are thoroughly reviewed and therefore recommended for play. If you pick any of those you won’t need to worry about safety and any withdrawal issues that can happen if you deal with some other websites out there. You also will be able to spend your no deposit bonus on your phone since all of the casinos in our list are mobile-friendly. 


Once you’ve chosen the website where you want to play you have to sign up. It won’t take you much time: five minutes is a maximum what you can expect. In most of the cases registration in casino will take you less than a minute. All you will have to do is complete the necessary fields (make sure that you provide only real information). 

Once you are done most casinos will ask you to verify your account. That’s why they will send you an e-mail with special verification link that you will have to click in order to verify your profile or an SMS with some code that you will have to enter in order to complete a signup process. When you are finally done casino either will give you a special bonus code that you will have to activate in order to have no deposit bonus either will apply it to you automatically. 


What’s next? 

Once you get your no deposit bonus your next step would be to pick the game that you actually want to play with your “free” money. But be careful though: no deposit bonuses usually have their wagering requirements. That means if you will win some cash with the help of your no deposit bonus you will have to complete some requirements before you will be able to withdraw it.

Since pokies most of the times contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements while table games have much less contribution (or even no contribution at all) you might want to stick only to some Book of Ra type of games instead going for a session of Blackjack. Same goes for progressive jackpot games: usually they are prohibited. In case if you will win something there using your no deposit bonus most likely your winnings will be discarded. That’s why you should carefully read each promotion T&C before going to the actual battlefield of casino games. You also shouldn’t put your bonus on hold since promotions have a tendency to expire. In most of the cases no deposit bonuses are valid from week to month. 


Is there any catch? 

As it was mentioned above, no deposit bonuses have their wagering requirements. Here’s a plain example for you: let’s say, casino has a no deposit bonus of 10 dollars with wagering requirement of x30. This means that you will have to make 300 dollars worth bets (10 x 30) in order to withdraw any money that you have won thanks to your no deposit bonus. 

On the other hand, you aren’t forced to do that. You always can leave the casino if you see that it’s not as good as you thought it will be. In case if something is unclear and you have some misunderstandings you can always reach customer support. Most of the casinos in our list have a customer support that works round the clock and can help you any time of day. You only have to contact them by using one of various options provided on the website and casino specialists will be more than happy to help you solve any kind of issue related with no deposit bonus or any other available promotions. 


Australian online casino with no deposit bonus 

It’s great to be an Australian: plenty of beaches and amazing wildlife surrounding you everywhere you go. Apart of that you can have some great time in one of the countless venues that Australia has. There are plenty of pubs where one can have a drink and meet new people.

Nobody wants to get sick and become a treat for his loved ones as well. Therefore many citizens moved online where they have all their favorite entertainments, just in digital way. As for entertainments, Aussies are obsessed with playing pokies. Just think of it: there are more than 200 000 of pokie machines in Australia! Thus, Oz isn’t only land for koalas and kangaroos – it’s also a home of thousands of poker machines. 


But thanks to the modern technologies one doesn’t need go to the pub in order to play one of those. He can do it online in some Australian online casino with no deposit bonus. Casino websites have all of the games that attract players to land-based venues. 

More than that, there is a possibility to play them without risking any money: just run the demo-version of some pokie and you are ready to go. Something that you will never find in any gaming hall of Australia: their owners simply can’t afford non-paying customers to take spare pokie machines since their quantity is very limited.

Meanwhile, online casinos can offer their customers to play any pokie completely for free just for a fun of itsince pokie games are digital there it cost nothing for the casino if someone is playing them wager-free. While it’s a great way how one can get the idea of some certain game and see how the payouts work there, there is one small downside: you will never get any money out of it. 


In matter of fact, it’s quite sad to hit some big win and realize that you won’t be able to cash it out. But what if we would tell you that you not only can play your favorite pokies completely for free without risking any of your money but you also may withdraw your winnings if they occur? 

We wouldn’t be surprised if you have thought that we are teasing you right now but we actually are not: you really can play pokies without betting your money and cash out the winnings! That is possible with so-called no deposit bonus that many Australian online casino has nowadays.

How it works? You simply sign up in one of the casinos that offer this kind of bonus, verify your account by clicking a special confirmation link that will arrive to your e-mail (that’s why it’s important to provide only real information) or enter some code that casino will send on your mobile device and start playing pokies using casino’s money instead of yours!  


What a great time we are living now, huh? The only thing to be aware of here is that in most cases this bonus won’t be very big. Therefore, if you will decide to activate high-roller mode and place some Max Bets in Sizzling Hot you will have to actually add some of your money in order to play it the way you want. Another thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to use no deposit bonus in pokies with progressive jackpot and some table games. 

This is because this bonus serves only one purpose: to introduce casino to the player and let him get a taste of some games there so he could decide if he wants to stay on this website or no. In case if you want to play really big or you would like to have some fun on live tables then you should deposit some money. Luckily, it’s not a problem since online casinos with no deposit bonus also support most of the popular payment methods. 


Great thing about casinos with no deposit bonus is that they usually run many another promotions as well. For example, if you eventually decide to go for some higher stakes or try some live tables and make a deposit you can actually count on some additional bonuses. Playing on one of the websites from our list you can expect to get 100% bonus on your first deposit (in some casinos you can even get up to mind-blowing 400%) and some free spins in dedicated games. 

While 100% bonus might require you to deposit something in order to get it there is one big undeniable advantage about it: sums that you will get from this kind of bonus usually will be ten or even hundred times bigger than any no deposit bonus out there. Are there any potential pitfalls when we are talking about Australian online casino with no deposit bonus? Well, there are some. First: if you win something using your no deposit bonus you will have to complete some wager requirements before casino will let you cash out your winnings. 


Second: not every game in casino’s assortment is eligible for this bonus. This means that you won’t be able to spend your no deposit bonus on some live table games and progressive jackpot pokies. Third: no deposit bonuses aren’t as huge as, let’s say, 100% bonus. Therefore, if you always wanted to make a spin that will be thousand dollars worth and see what will happen… Well, in this case you not only will need to find some high limit pokie (it’s not that hard considering how big casino catalogues are nowadays) but also invest some of your money in it.

The good news is that there are plenty of other bonuses that online casinos has to offer you, so eventually you can make those crazy high roller spins without risking all of your money. Now, isn’t that sweet? All you have to do in order to get one of those is head to our casino list and check the websites that we have collected for you. 


Different no deposit bonus types 

So-called no deposit bonus can vary depending on the casino. While in most iGaming venues no deposit bonus means free cash some websites give their players free spins instead of actual money that they could bet in some other games apart from pokies. 

Also there are websites with loyalty programs: those can award their new players with some loyalty points since these count as if player would wager some of his money. No matter what you will get the main point is that it is completely free opportunity to try out some of the real money games. You could see it as some kind of trial period (those who used shareware software at least once in their life will get what I’m talking about): you get a chance to look what’s inside of the casino and see how it works without paying any money for it. 


But as any trial period, no deposit bonuses usually have a strict time limits during which player can use them in his favor. That’s why you shouldn’t wait too long once it’s activated. In case if you signed up and entered all the necessary no deposit bonus codes but nothing happened you can always reach customer support. Customer support is an important criterion that we look at when we decide to put some casino in our list or not.

That’s why if you choose any Web-based gambling platform from our list you can be sure that you won’t experience any problems when asking for helpAlthough it’s unlikely that you will have any problems with activating no deposit bonus since it’s not first time for the casino to make this kind of promotions for their new customers. 


Keep what you win 

There is a good quote: being rich is harder than getting rich. Same thing can be applied to casino players: one thing is to win something, but keep your winnings is a completely different story. In first case you just need some luck on your side. But if you want to cash out what you’ve won then you should follow some set of rules. Luckily, they are not complicated.

First of all, keep it quiet. Have you heard a saying that money loves silence? So, if you get lucky and manage to have some serious payouts playing pokies with your no deposit bonus you shouldn’t immediately run and let the whole world know how kind the fortune was towards you. The only thing that you are going to get will be scrutiny and people begging you to send them some buck. Of course, I understand that we live in era of social media and sometimes it may be so tempting to post your big win on Facebook or put it into your Instagram story so all your friends would see how lucky you are, but you should always think of consequences. 


After all, there are people who can actually put a jinx on you, so you would never get that lucky again. Do you really want it? Ask most of the lottery winners and they will tell you the same. Secondly, don’t overestimate your luck. Remember that luck is one of the most fickle guests in our lives. If you were lucky until now it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be lucky for the rest of the evening. Knowing when to stop is definitely one of the main keys of how one can keep his casino winnings. Finally, know the rules of place where you are playing. 

Believe me, it’s as important as knowing your phone’s PIN-code by heart: tons of people couldn’t withdraw any of their winnings simply because they haven’t read the rules in due course. More than that, there are plenty of players who even got banned just because they didn’t wanted bother themselves with reading T&C of the casino where they were placing wagers. 


That’s why you should read the rules of the website where you are spending your time otherwise you could do something forbidden without even knowing it. It would be quite frustrating to lose both no deposit bonus and winnings that you got through it just because you didn’t pay enough attention to some of the things that are mentioned in bonus’ T&C. 

If you would play in land-based casino or pub we would advice you not to get booze and keep eyes on your wallet since there may be some bad people walking around just to find someone who is careless enough to steal something from him. But since we are talking about Web-based casinos then you shouldn’t worry about it (by the way, this could be another great reason apart of no deposit bonus why you should finally check some pokies online instead of going to the traditional venues). 


Wager the winnings 

Like every casino bonus out there no deposit bonus actually has its’ own wagering requirements (unless it’s stated to be wager-free – then you shouldn’t worry at all). While there are no wagering bonuses you shouldn’t rely on it since it’s quite a rare thing in online casinos. Therefore you should be mentally prepared that you actually will have to complete some requirements before you will be able to claim your no deposit bonus winnings to be withdrawn. 

You should never forget that casinos – even the biggest ones – aren’t charity organizations. They were made to make money so most of them will require players to complete some requirements before one will be able to withdraw instead of just issuing customers the money. Depending on the promotion and type of no deposit bonus there may be different requirements for the player to complete. For example, if casino is giving you free spin no deposit bonus then you will actually have to play pokies in order to use your offer. 


On the other hand, MOST of the bonuses in Australian online casinos actually will require you to play pokies. Games like Poker, Blackjack and even some certain slots usually don’t contribute towards the wagering requirement because of their low house edge. People could easily complete wagering requirements by playing one of those games therefore casinos usually forbid them making the task little bit more complicated. 

As for the wagering itself you can see how much you will need to play in order to complete the requirements by yourself: simply multiply the amount of money by the wagering requirement value. Let’s say casino gives you hundred dollars worth bonus with a wager requirement of x30. This would mean that you would have to play-through three thousand dollars before you will be able to request a bonus withdraw. Though you shouldn’t be scared of these digits: no deposit bonuses usually are much smaller than that, thus making playthrough requirements much easier to beat. 


As it was stated before, wagering requirement might vary depending on the casino but most of the times it will be somewhere between x30 and x40 since these are industry standards. As for the wagering progress you don’t have to bother yourself with any calculations: Australian online casinos provide their customers with this kind of information.

In most of the cases you will be able to find it in your casino profile section under the Bonuses menu. But if something is missing or you can’t find it where it’s supposed to be you can always contact the customer support – these guys will be happy to help you. And as small bonus from us here is a tip how you can complete wagering requirements much faster (it may be very important since most of the bonuses in casinos have some specific expiration date): simply use your phone to play pokies. Most of the Australian online casinos that offer no deposit bonus are mobile friendly providing their clients the maximum convenient experience. Hope this will help you to complete your wager requirements as soon as possible! 


Plan ahead before choosing no deposit bonus casino 

There is a good saying: a goal without a plan is just a wish. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the importance of planning. You should always think ahead even if it’s only about choosing to play some pokies online. First of all, you should carefully read the rules of casino where you are going to spend your time. After all, it’s a place where you actually will spend some money as well.

Same goes for any kind of bonuses that casino is offering their customers: you should read their T&C as carefully as you can before you decide to activate any of those offers in order to prevent any disappointment in future.

For example, you wanted to play Blackjack and activated some Australian online casino bonus just to find out that only pokies contribute towards the wager requirement of that bonus. Thirdly, make sure that you have enough funds to play-through wager requirements. Let’s say that some Australian casino online is offering you a tempting welcome bonus of AU $100. 


But it also has a playthrough requirement of x30. In this case you will have to wager at least AU $3 000 before you will be able to withdraw the money that you’ve won using your bonus. As you can see, no deposit bonus isn’t free money like many people mistakenly believe. You actually have to put some work in order to make that cash real. Finally, check the maximum win that you can obtain by using your no deposit bonus. Most of the iGaming venues that offer no deposit bonus usually limit the winnings that one can get by using one of their offers. 

You shouldn’t blame them for doing that since casinos are risking already by giving you a no deposit bonus while you are not risking with anything. Therefore they wouldn’t like to get bankrupt because of some massive win or jackpot that you can hit while you are gambling with your no deposit bonus. Sometimes win limits can be really harsh. For example, there are venues that can let you wager AU $100 without making any deposit.

But if you will read their T&C you will find that the maximum win what you can cash out from such offer is just AU $10. 


Things get especially cruel when you think of some rollover requirements attached to this bonus as well. Grinding for a ten bucks sounds like something that only real enthusiasts would appreciate. Therefore, you should look for some casinos that offer No Max Win attached to a NDeposit bonus (some of them may be found in our list of iGaming venues).

In case if you have picked an offer that has clear win cap, it would be better to avoid some high limit pokies and any progressive jackpot games in order to prevent any kind of frustration and disappointment feeling that you might get if you manage to hit a huge payout there just to realize that you aren’t allowed to withdraw it due to the terms and conditions of the bonus that you were using when you were playing those games where you got so lucky

You also should pay attention if casino that you are going to play has a mobile version or maybe even their own app considering that it’s much easier to complete the playthrough requirements that no deposit bonuses usually have when you got 24/7 access to the venue.