New Online Casinos

Online gambling is definitely in its prime, there is no doubt about that. As technologies advance and our lives are smoothly shifting to the Internet more and more, new online casinos will grow like weeds. The last year illustrated it the best. In fact, the last year definitely was one of the best years for the last two decades that online gambling exists. The pandemic simply accelerated what was bound to happen eventually: due to a lockdown and massive closure of land-based venues people were forced to move online. It was probably one of the best things that could happen to online casinos: the mass media claim that there was a skyrocketing 67% increase in Australian online gambling area less than just in a week after the first shutdowns have begun. It was obvious for most of the people that it will take some time before pandemic will be over. At least year or two de The last year illustrated it the best. In fact, the last year definitely was one of the best years for the last two decades that online gambling exists. The pandemic simply accelerated what was bound to happen eventually: due to a lockdown and massive closure of land-based venues people were forced to move online. It was probably one of the best things that could happen to online casinos: the mass media claim that there was a skyrocketing 67% increase in Australian online gambling area less than just in a week after the first shutdowns have begun. It was obvious for most of the people that it will take some time before pandemic will be over. At least year or two depending on one’s optimism. Habitual gamblers by their nature, Aussies couldn’t wait that long in order to play some of their favorite pokies. Meanwhile new online casinos were warmly welcoming new customers to their digital venues offering them different bonuses along with the favorite Aussie pokies and exceptionally comfortable environment. But what’s most important: they offered their players safety. Now one wouldn’t need to worry about contacting other people who could be sick as well as he didn’t need to wear any mask while playing some pokies. No wonder why so many people shifted to the world of Internet gambling leaving all of the land-based venues in the past. At least for some time. But when there is high demand for something, all kind of phony people are starting to become active. For example, in our case many Australians faced a bad situation when they couldn’t withdraw their winnings from some of the iGaming venues. Unfortunately, fraud is a common thing in our imperfect world. Counterfeit sneakers, counterfeit watches, counterfeit headphones – markets are filled with fake products and now we have bootleg casinos as well. As long as there will be some money involved, there always will be people willing to scam their neighbors. So how you can secure yourself from falling into their trap? Well, first thing that you need to do is to check if the casino where you are going to play has some seals of approval and certifications. Otherwise, chances of getting scammed increase significantly.

New Casinos

New casinos are opening almost everyday. While launching the gambling venue still requires a lot of investment, with the advent of the Internet things became much simpler: iGaming venue owners don’t need to spend thousands dollars every month on the rental of a real estate for their casino. They also don’t have to hire security guards, cashiers, bartenders, etc. You don’t need any face control checking the customers’ ID every time when they decide to walk into the casino. Things are much less complicated in the world of iGaming both for clientele and the administration: once the person creates his profile he needs his identity to be verified. Usually it involves uploading some of the customer’s personal documents in order to prove that it’s really him. But it’s one-time routine and as soon as it’s done, player can go and enjoy some of his favorite games without worrying about anything. Same goes for the cashier: since there is no cash involved in new online casinos and all the chips are bought using the digital currency, Web-based gambling venues don’t need to hire people who would count dollar bills for them. As for the drinks, the player who is gambling online can be a bartender of his own, thus saving money on the cocktails and saving money for the new casinos as well who don’t need to pay salary to the bartenders, let alone the getting license of serving alcohol to their customers round the clock. Finally, casino owners don’t have to bother about managing their games anymore. While earlier if someone would want to open the casino, that person would have to look for some area to store all the pokies. Considering that those machines can be big as some howitzers, one would need to have a decent amount of ground.

New Casinos for Australian Players 

If you were thinking that Las Vegas is the centre of gambling, then you probably haven’t been in Australia where eight out of ten people are participating in some kind of gambling activities. Despite being the smallest continent Australia is homeland for at least 200,000 poker machines. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised that everyday some new casinos are popping out on this land of roos: as long as there is demand there will be supply too, and the demand for gambling in Australia can’t be overestimated. There are many reasons why people are going to these places: while some of them are tempted by a chance of hitting jackpot, others are there only to kill some time and have chit-chat with casino workers. Most popular games in Australian gambling venues are so-called pokies, or EGMs (electronic gambling machines). They make most of the casinos’ income. These are like French fries in world of gambling. Why people love playing pokies so much? Well, first of all, the entry barrier is much-much lower there. You can enjoy pokies even when you are on a tight budget since many EGMs allow you to wager as small as one cent per spin. While table games will offer you higher odds, the minimum bet there will be disproportionately bigger. The next thing why so many Aussies are hooked on playing pokies is because they offer some really nice payouts. Let’s take Roo Riches, a very popular game developed by iSoftBet team specially for those who love Australia’s wild nature. The maximum win that one can get in this pokie is 2 000 coins if you are lucky to land five Wild symbols on one of the lines. At the same time one of the most popular casino table games, Roulette, offers their players a maximum win only of 35:1. Feel the difference, like they say. Finally, it’s much less frustrating for the novice players to learn pokies. In case with table games the beginners might feel stressed because they have to learn everything on the go and they are pushed to make quick decisions so they don’t delay the game. Knowing all these things, many businessmen make their new casinos for Australian players filled with many pokies as possible. Considering how much scam of all kinds there is on the Internet we aren’t surprised why many old-school punters still are so cautious when it comes to online gambling. If that’s the case you are welcome to use our online casino list that contains only licensed and trustworthy websites.

 New Aussie casinos – Which is the best? 

The best casino: how you find it? Many gambling websites were launched this year when pandemic has just started. Lots of venues were closed while people had to sit home in order to prevent the spread of dangerous virus. At the beginning it could be felt like some kind of relief when one finally didn’t had to work and was able to spend more time with his family. But things dragged on and people started to feel bored and trapped into the cage. During the quarantine most of them lost any kind of thrill in their life along with the food balance. While new Aussie casinos couldn’t solve the overweight problem, they were able to bring some thrill into the lives of desperate citizens. Gambling venues all over the country shifted to the Internet in order to keep satisfying their customers’ needs for some good old pokies. During that time many new casinos were opened as well, so how one does find the best? First of all, you should pay attention to the license. Never play on any gambling platform if it’s not certificated by the independent audits. Otherwise you are risking of playing counterfeited pokies with adjusted return rate. Second rule when you are searching for the best Aussie casinos is to check the reviews first. Luckily, you are at the right place since Web-casino reviews is our thing. You can trust our articles because we check every significant aspect of online casinos very thoroughly. If casino doesn’t have a license and required certificates from independent audits it will NEVER appear on our new Aussie casinos list. End of the talk. Next thing what we look for is user experience: how pleasant it is? How much time takes the identity verification? How responsive is the customer support and is it easy to approach them? How much time it takes to cash-out the winnings? All of these things matter, especially when the real money is involved. More minor things include the load times and different browser / device support. One of the casino’s flaws could be the lack of geotargeting: for example, they can display in their catalogue some games that are restricted in certain players’ area. It can be very annoying since one has to wait until the game loads only to see a popup telling him that he cannot play this game. Let alone the fact that it also may be very disappointing. We always look at these small details when we are putting ratings for iGaming websites in our list.

 New Aussie casinos 

The last year wasn’t that bad as many people are viewing it. While some companies really did bankrupt, still there were many businesses that have risen during the global lockdown: food delivery, online learning services and new Aussie casinos among others. Now there are many great gambling platforms in Australia which allow one to enjoy hundreds of titles including some live table games as well. Experts of iGaming industry claim that in the nearest future Web-based venues will be even more technologically advanced than they are now. Thus, for example, they will become even more interactive thanks to the AR and VR technologies getting more popular. Just think of Pokemon Go when it was first launched. If catching virtual monsters was fun enough then just imagine how exciting it will be to grab dealer’s chips after you win some round in Blackjack! Or how about playing some pokies with Google Cardboard on your head? There are some games crafted specially for the VR fans and more will come eventually! Another significant change in the iGaming industry will be wide usage of different cryptocurrencies. Moreover, many of the new Aussie casinos are already accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as one of their payment and withdrawal methods! It’s great both for operators and the players: players get low withdrawal fees and lightning fast cash-outs comparing to the traditional bank transfers, while operators can get more control on their finances since they don’t involve any third parties in their business. Finally, new Aussie casinos will become even more multidevice than they are now. The more people will use wearable technologies like an Apple’s iWatch the more operators will start investing money and resources into the development of apps for these devices. In the nearest future punters will be able to score some jackpot right from their watch! That’s what you call winning on the go! So stay with us to be among the first ones when this will happen since we are listing all of the best new Aussie casinos!

New casinos in 2020 

Despite the coronavirus pandemic followed by the fall and closure of many brick-and-mortar businesses, virtual gambling was only prospering like most of the online commerce. Reasons of this are quite obvious: people were afraid to get sick and most of land-based venues were simply closed. Therefore, online casinos were the only place where gamblers could enjoy their favorite games. Since it’s also hundred times safer to wager over the Internet, the success and further growth of iGaming venues was inevitable. Additional logs were thrown on the ever-growing fire of the online gambling when authorities announced the lockdown in the country: most people simply were bored and didn’t know what to do during the self-quarantine. In response to the crazy demand for virtual pokies which has just arisen, new online casinos started to spring up like mushrooms. Some are better, some are worse and some should be simply avoided if you don’t want to get scammed. Fortunately, you don’t have to risk checking out which of them is good and which is not risking your money and wasting your time. Instead of that you can simply use our reviews listed on this website. We write only about the most trustworthy and quality gambling platforms online, thus you will be picking between the best out of the best.

New casinos 2019 

Without any doubt 2019 was hell of a year for the world of online gambling. Many great pokies were released during that time including Book of Ra Deluxe 10, Eye of Horus Megaways and Razor Shark. Live table games also got much more popular according to the operators’ year-end report 2019. Considering the overall growth of the industry many venues switched online and started to offer their services on the Web. The freedom of choice has never been as big as it was the last years. One could choose among hundreds of virtual casinos where to spend his money and time. The only problem with new platforms is that they aren’t time-tested. In some sense wagering in recently opened casinos is gambling itself. You never know for how long this company is going to be around and will it bankrupt any soon. Is it a long-time player or just another one-time venue that will get closed after a year if not some months? But it’s always very tempting to play on such websites since in most of the cases they offer some really great promotions to attract new players. Therefore you should always weigh the risks before you join any of those casinos and answer yourself if it’s worth it. [toc]