How to win on pokies 

Millions of people from all over the world starting from casual gamblers to avid punters are willing to know how to win on so-called pokie machines. They are dreaming of finding some strategy or secret that will make them a true pokie masters. But the truth is that these games were designed to be as unpredictable as they can be.

That’s why there is a random number generator (RNG) in every machine and that’s exactly the thing what makes them so exciting to play. If there would be some hack how to win on pokies it would instantly kill the whole thrill feeling. In fact, it would make gambling completely pointless. After all, what is gambling? According to the dictionary, gambling is a betting on an uncertain (!) event. If there would be some failproof strategy how to win on pokies the risk aspect of the game would be completely gone. 


Eventually it would become simply uninteresting because you wouldn’t get any adrenaline from spinning the reels. We also want to warn everyone out there who is looking for some strategies how to win on pokies: be very cautious, because there are many bad people who just want to rip you off. 

Seeing how popular this topic is, they launch websites where they are claiming to have a working strategy on how to win on pokies. They also buy advertisement so you can see their banners on some gambling-related websites. But all these strategies are fake and you will simply spend some money on placebo. Buying those won’t get you any closer to understanding how to win on pokies. The only thing that it will do is help you to get rid of some money. Therefore it’s better to forget about any strategies and just have some fun letting everything else to handle itself. 


Pro tips and advices for winning on pokies


First thing that you should know about pokies is that they are NOT skill-based games. Sad truth is that you can’t win in pokies on a long distance (unless you are using bonuses – then your odds are increasing). 

Pokies like many other casino games are purely games of chance. You can spend years at playing them but you will never become a professional player in the sense that your odds will get better as more you play. It’s not a sport or even a poker where you can train and become better player eventually. Otherwise there would be pokie tournaments long time ago. 

The only thing that playing pokies might give you is awareness of what kind of games there are, what are their RTPs, which titles got the best features, etc. It surely can help you to pick a pokie that would fit your current mood, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t improve your odds. 


On the other hand, this kind of uncertainty is that element which makes things so exciting – you never know when you walk into the venue if you will walk out of it as the winner. So, the first and foremost pro advice for winning pokies would be not to listen to the people who are telling you that they have some secret technology on how to beat casino games. 

You can’t win pokies all the time simply because each of them has its’ own return rate. The best EGMs have it set at 98% which is really high parameter comparing to most of the games. But even having a 98% return rate means that eventually you will lose two dollars out of hundred that you wager (if you don’t hit some bonuses, of course). So, in order to make money and leave casino with some profit you need to win more than you lose.

Since there always will be losing spins you can play with your wagers by constantly increasing and decreasing your bets. If you be lucky enough to have small coin size during the bad spins and large coin size when you hit some free spin bonus, then you can leave the casino with plenty of green.  


Gambling responsibility 

Gambling involves money and there are many pokies today that accept some monstrous wagers. Thus, you can bet hundred and more dollars on a single (!) spin outcome. It’s great that there are people who can afford this kind of leisure, but the problems start when person can’t afford to be highroller but he still tries to be someone that he is not. Unfortunately, fake it til you make it doesn’t’ really work with pokies.

Of course, there is always a chance that you will hit the jackpot with your last hundred bucks, but since it’s all nothing but a gambling, odds are that you may lose that money. 


Therefore, you should always be real about your financial possibilities. Don’t spend money that you can’t afford. Instead of that create some budget plan and stick to it. Never bring credit cards in venue where you are going to play – cash is your best friend.

If you are playing in online casino then our advice would be to make yourself some bank account or e-wallet that would be used only for the gambling purposes and to separate your gambling money from all the other. Also in order to gamble responsibly you need to have a fulfilled life with a wide range of interests. If wagering is your only activity it will be hard to stop when you actually have to stop.  


How to easy win on pokies in Australia 

The first step towards winning on pokies in Australia would be to stop believing in pokie-related myths. First myth that most of the punters tend to believe is that there is some link between your wager amount and your odds in pokie machines. It’s actually not true because increasing (or decreasing) the bet won’t affect your payout rate. 

The only two things that you need to keep in mind when you are playing pokies is that your bets should be placed basing on your budget and the smaller they are the longer you will play. Second myth is only about pokies that have paylinesThere are many strategies that are telling punters to select some certain lines when they are playing but the truth is that all paylines in electronic gambling machines have equal chances of hitting. 

Symbols appear randomly across the reels every time you spin them. In fact, by choosing more lines you potentially have more chances to score a winning combination.  


Another myth that is incredibly popular among the punters is that stopping reels would impact the outcome of the game. Well, it’s complete nonsense because each spin result is determined long before you even hit the Spin button. Even if you will try to stop the reels as soon as you will see some bonus symbols it won’t affect anything. 

The only thing that will happen is that animation will be speeded up before you will get what you were supposed to get right from the beginning of the spin. It’s not a Whac-a-Mole game after all. The last myth that we would like to bust is that there are so-called hot and cold pokies.

Thus, many gamblers tend to believe that if pokie didn’t “pay” for a certain period of time then the big win is around the corner. Unfortunately, you can never know that since, as we mentioned above, each spin outcome is completely random.  


How to make pokies payout 


Like it or not, but pokie machines aren’t your boss – you can’t really make them pay. But what you can do is follow some simple tips that can improve your odds. First of all, never hesitate to use promotions that casinos are offering you. 

Those can serve you as a great boost. You can find casinos with best promotions by checking one of our lists. Just don’t forget that in most of the cases those promotions have some T&Cs that comes with them, so make sure you complete all of the necessary wagering requirements before ordering a withdrawal of your bonus. 

Next thing that you could do in order to make pokies payout is to look for games with high return rate. While most of the games will have this value somewhere at 96% you can find titles that will offer you a return rate up to stunning 98%. 


While it doesn’t guarantee you a money rain since house edge is still there (though it’s relatively small), odds are much better here

If you want to make pokies payout you also should opt for low volatility ones: those will give you quite a frequent winning spins. Although, most of the times winnings will be relatively small. If you like the idea of having bigger payouts then you can go for high-volatility pokies. There you will have more generous payouts, but it will come with the price of the less frequent winnings. 

Another way how you can improve your odds of pokies paying you is to choose to wager on more lines. The only exception would be if you are playing pokies with fixed pay-lines and there is no way how you could adjust them or if you prefer to have fun with some all-ways pokies. Finally, in order to make pokies pay you have to be patient and ready to wait when your lucky spin will hit the reels. 


How much percentage does pokies payout?

Both novice and some more experienced gamblers always try to figure out what their odds are. It’s completely natural thing to do since playing casino games involves money and by losing a game you are also losing some amount of money that you were willing to wager. 

While odds on Blackjack and Roulette are clear and transparent, your chances in pokies may vary depending on what game you are playing. In order to understand them you have to know what means the term RTP in first place. This acronym stands for Return to Player and describes the expected payback percentage of pokie games. If you know what means house edge, then you get the idea. If you don’t – well, here you go, a small FAQ on RTP specially for you. You probably have heard the saying that house always wins. 


It’s used to emphasize the casino’s advantage over the player. While this advantage may be relatively small in percentage, it allows gambling venues to keep running. For example, everyone’s favorite Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. It means that casino expects to win that percentage each time when you choose to wager. You can see it as some kind of fee that gambling venue charges you for their services and letting you to play their games.

If we are talking about pokies, things aren’t so straightforward there. Depending on the game, house edge can be lower or higher. In order to get more advantage you have to look for games with high return rate. 

It works this way: a pokie with 96% RTP theoretically will bring you back $96 of each $100 that you wagered there. Now, you probably have noticed that I wrote “theoretically”. This is because RTP works in the long run, so it’s not necessarily that you will get your money back the very same evening when you decided to play pokies. 


Choose the right paying pokies machine

In order to have a bigger profit it’s crucial to choose the right paying pokie machine. 

While all casino games are good, some of them can give you more. Here are several advices that might help you to make the right choice. First of all, pick the pokies according to your bonus. 

As you might know, most of the casino bonuses can be withdrawn only if you will complete the wagering requirements by playing eligible games. Most of the times it will be some pokies, but depending on the casino and the promotion, the list of eligible games may vary. So, make sure you check the T&Cs of your bonus before you hop in. 

Playing the right pokie machines according to your bonus will help you to complete the wagering requirements and withdraw your bonus much quicker. Next advice would be to look at the game’s RTP. 


We described this above, so if you want to know more, just scroll little bit up. In short, RTP is how much money you can potentially expect to get back from the pokie. The higher this value is the better for you.

Some of the casinos from our list offer games with RTP going up to stunning 99%! Of course, high return rate doesn’t guarantee you success since this process works in the long run, but your odds still are better when you choose the pokie with high RTP. You can see for yourself by playing one of the demo-versions. 

Finally, you should play pokies that allow you to adjust as many things as possible. For example, pokies with Autospin feature will allow you to take a rest from gambling, but still advance in filling the wagering requirements. Another great option that should be looked in pokies is a coin size: it allows you to fit spins to your gambling budget. 


Some extra things to think about 

First of all, you should never have high expectations when you are playing pokies because those are strictly games of chances. Random things happen here, so only God can know if you will win or lose tonight. Although, many people still tend to believe that there is some connection between the previous game round results and the possible outcome of the next ones. 

Initially used in basketball, this term is called Hot Hand. It’s when people believe that if someone made a high score he will continue to do that the next rounds as wellSame goes for gambling: people who have won two times in a row think that they will win a third time as well. In contrast, there is another pattern when players predict the opposite outcome of the previous events. A simple example would be when Roulette ball lands several times on the same color or even number. 


Some might think that next spin it will be black just because three previous ones it was red. Unfortunately, there is no scientific proof of this bias. The way people believe that ball will land on the red just because it was black few spins in row, pokie players tend to believe that some machine is going to pay them jackpot just because it has been a long time since it paid someone something. 

But this is a simple waste of time since previous results of spins have no correlation with the future ones. Let’s not forget that every pokie today is using Random Number Generator to ensure that each outcome is completely random, hence the name. Therefore, there is no pattern or routine to when winning combination will pop up on the reels. That’s why every spin gives you the same chances of winning or losing. 


How to beat pokie machines 

Almost every gambler would want to know how to beat pokies. Some of them want it so desperately that they even start to look for some hacks or cheats that could help them to do that. 

Knowing this fact about gamblersthere are many scammers who are promoting their so-called hacks while in reality it’s nothing but a fake. Moreover, there are many scammers who will try to get your sensitive information (like the credit card data) and set some viruses upon your computer.

Therefore, you should never look for any cheats and report people who will offer them to you. Those hacks won’t help you to beat pokie machines: only thing they can do is spoil your computer and steal some money from your credit card. Considering that every spin outcome in pokies is completely random due to random number generator, the only way how you can beat them is… to have some luck. That’s why so many punters are so superstitious. 


There are numerous rituals when it comes to gambling. For example, many players wipe their palms or rub their hands when they spin the reels. Unfortunately, there are no scientific proofs that any of these and many other actions can bring you even a shred of luck. 

But by doing so one can definitely feel himself calmer when playing online casino games since it’s a completely psychological aspect. So, while there is no guarantee that it can actually help you to beat pokie machines it’s okay to be superstitious as long as it gives you some piece of mind. 

The problems start when these superstitions are starting to harm you and people around. For example, there are people who are kicking pokie machines tending to believe that this somehow can help to loosen them up. But if you overdo it your karate skills may lead you to get banned from the casino (luckily, it’s not the point when we are talking about the online casinos). 


Beating a Pokie machines is not easy 

Beating a pokie machines is not easy thing to do – you need to have some iron fists in order to handle it. That was a joke, of course. But, all kidding aside, winning in pokie machines actually is not a hard thing to do. The much harder is to leave the casino with some profit. Here’s what I mean.

No matter how unlucky you are tonight and how low the pokie machine’s RTP is you always will have some winning spins here and there. Put the reels in motion and eventually you will see the flashing lights and fancy animations to occur along with celebrating sounds.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually made any profit from the last spin. At least if we are talking about the multi-line pokie machines. A small example to show you how it works: let’s say, you choose the pokie with 20 pay-lines. During one of the spins you get “lucky” and have a winning combination on some of those lines. 


But your win can be way smaller than overall wager. Technically it’s a loss, but the pokie machine still announces it as a win.

It’s easy to get confused here and start to think that you have actually beaten the pokie while in reality you didn’t. On the other hand, there are several games both from Greentube and Microgaming where you can participate in mini-gamble. 

This gives you a chance to multiply your winnings and turn small payouts into something more interesting. In order to do that in most of the cases you will be required to guess the color of hole card.

If your hunch was right you will be able to double your initial win. You can repeat this several times in order to increase your payouts even more, but keep in mind that the more you do that the higher is the risk to lose everything that you have won so far 


Pro players’ advice on beating pokie machines

While there is no formula that could make you an instant winner there are several recommendations that could help you in beating pokie machines. First of all, avoid the booze at all cost. It’s okay to drink a cocktail or two, but as soon as you get drunk you are in the red zone.

The reason why professional casino players try to avoid alcohol is because it’s much easier to make impulsive decisions when you have some liquor circulating in your blood. The booze can easily cloud your mind and make you overestimate your possibilities. 

Being drunk you can start to wager more than you can actually afford or even get into a fight and get kicked out of the venue. The next advice would be to use various bonus codes that your casino is offering you

Using promotions will get you more funds on your balance which eventually will help you in beating pokie machines. Some of the casinos from our website are even offering a free spins as a part of their welcome bonuses! 


Just don’t forget to complete the wagering requirements before you order a withdrawal. Last but not least: make sure that you join only the fair venues. You will never beat pokie machines by playing them in illegal casinos because they use unlicensed software that allows them to adjust the return rate. 

Playing those is just like bringing a knife to a gunfight: you will never be able to leave those websites as a winner. Luckily, there are many fair online casinos that make nice contrast. You can spot them by checking the casino’s license and certificates issued by independent audits.

Those will guarantee you that games there really have Random Number Generator technology implemented into them and that RTP in pokie machines is the same as it’s stated. If you don’t know where to start from you can use our casino reviews – there you will find plenty of great and fair gambling websites where you will be able to beat pokie machines.