Gambling Online

While we still didn’t turn into humanoids (yet!) and we aren’t fully living in the virtual reality like the Lawnmower’s movie character, let’s face it: most of our life aspects shifted to the digital world. We listen music via streaming services like Spotify instead of buying vinyl or tapes; we read books on Kindle; watch movies on Netflix instead of going to the cinema. So, it was only the matter of time when we will start to gamble online. Now this time has come: gambling online became incredibly successful over the last two decades. Hundreds of casinos have opened their virtual doors since then so everyone who would like to have some fun with pokies or table games could satisfy his needs. The best part about gambling over the Internet is that it’s extremely convenient and more accessible than it ever was: one can simply play some pokies while he is resting on his couch in the living room. With the rise of technologies and the introduction of smartphones, the gambling boundaries have expanded drastically: now people can play their favorite titles no matter where they are at the moment. As long as they have phone in their pocket and it has some battery left they are fine. Now you can see why so many players prefer to enjoy playing their favorite games in online casinos rather going for them somewhere else. While it’s always sad to see some good brick-and-mortar venues closing, it’s still great to know that even during the pandemic you will have where to play your favorite pokies thanks to the gambling online.

Australian Online Gambling

Despite the popularity of gambling in Australia, it’s not officially allowed for operators to provide their services online. But as long as you are a player it shouldn’t really bother you: leave all the bureaucracy stuff to the companies. After all, there are people who are getting salary to make things work and find some loopholes in the law. All that you should care about is what games you are going to play. It’s the same if you would go to some great restaurant and instead of simply enjoying some awesome dinner there you would bother your head with thoughts like are they paying taxes, etc. Pay attention only to the things that are relevant. For example, what are the payment methods in chosen casino? Is the game catalogue big enough? What are the bonus wagering requirements? Let the casinos deal with their stuff instead concentrating on things that are important for YOU. Some Aussies are afraid to play in Web-based venues due to the Australian online gambling being a very controversial subject from the jurisdiction’s view. But here is one very important thing that you need to understand: most of the Australia’s online casinos are hosted on the offshore servers. Therefore you aren’t really gambling in Australia. Even if some problems will happen, it will be the operator’s responsibility at first place. As for you, you will be fine as long as you aren’t laundering money through the Web-based casinos or supporting the terrorists. The only advice would be to check if casino is allowing players from Oz to use their services. You can find this information by checking the list of restricted countries (usually it can be found in the FAQ section of the casino website). Alternatively, you can use our casino list since we put there only those platforms that accept Australian punters.

Australian Gambling sites

The need for thrill as well as love of risk is something that Aussies probably get with their mothers’ milk. At least that’s the kind of impression you get when you look at the gambling statistics of this wonderful country. Considering how popular this type of activities is, it was only the matter of time when Australian Internet will be filled with gambling websites. While it’s a great thing in sense of choice, one should be careful, because there are many counterfeit online platforms that use the demand for gambling in their favor. They create websites full of pirated software where pokies have adjusted return rates. You will never get any profit if you choose to play on those Australian gambling sites and if miracle will happen and you will be able to actually win something there you won’t get your funds withdrawn anyways. If you are high-roller you should be especially cautious since you can lose plenty of money and nerves playing on such platforms. One of the best ways to avoid it is to read our reviews: we write only about the most reputable Australian gambling sites on the Internet. By deciding to wager at one of the casinos from our list you may be sure that you will be playing at the casino with great services and proven to be fair games. As for the legislation questions, it’s always been cloudy for Aussies as the London is. If some casino is bound to restrict Australian players from accessing it and for some reason they didn’t do it, it will be on their conscience. As for you, all you have to do is pick the right website.

Online Casino Gambling

Two and half decades ago the first online casino was opened to please modern gamblers with their favorite games and the rest is history. Online casino gambling became one of the most popular things in the world. Today gambling websites store hundreds of pokies apart from exciting live table games that include Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. But it wasn’t like that all the time: at the start there weren’t many games since there were only few software providers and no live studios like Evolution back then. Despite all of the technical progress and the invention of the Internet, nineties’ gamblers couldn’t even dream of playing Blackjack with real dealers over the Web. But we aren’t surprised why their expectations were so humble back then: at that time there was no high definition video and Internet speeds were just too slow to broadcast something like that. But as time went on, online pokie catalogues started to grow like weeds. More and more exciting titles started to appear along with the first lucky guys hitting the multimillion jackpots thanks to the online casino gambling rise and development. The mid 2000s were the times when live dealer casino era has begun. First studios that were destined to become the mastodons of the industry were popping out. That’s how Evolution, Ezugi and Playtech made their way. Finally, smartphones came around changing practically every aspect of our lives. As mobile traffic started to increase, the first casino apps started to appear. Casino bosses started to hire additional programmers who would make their website designs responsive, so their customers could enjoy their favorite games from any device that they have. Despite the strict Google’s policy, mobile online casino gambling still stays one of the most popular ways for millions of punters to participate in their favorite activity.

Gambling Sites

If you think about the modern days it’s largely defined as us living our lives on screens. Video games, binge watching, the way you order a taxi, communicate and get your news – it all happens on screens. That’s the reality of our time. I don’t have idea what is going to be in the future – maybe all of us will become androids eventually colonizing the Mars with the help of Elon Musk’s Starship rockets. But I do know one thing: we are all still going to be using some kind of currency. I don’t know what it’s going to be: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, dollars, euros – it will be something. And we are going want more of it. No matter how much you have you will want more and you are going to be willing to risk some of it on an uncertain event. Just like Google killed Yahoo and Facebook demolished once popular Myspace (now though Facebook is being destructed by their own company called Instagram), online venues started to conquer the world of gambling luring more and more players from the land-based casinos to their platforms. So how did this happen? Really-really simple: they just had a better product. As for the online gambling providers themselves they are fighting for people’s time on screens. To put it simple, iGaming venues today is indoor activity conducted on a screen. Some of the gambling sites are limited to pokies and some live tables, while others offer sports betting as well. Both are popular on the Australian continent. During the last year this kind of platforms became extremely popular not only in Australia, but also in the whole world allowing punters to play their favorite games without the necessity of leaving their homes.

Is online gambling legal in Australia?

The legality questions of online gambling in Australia are concerning many punters from this country. After all, who would like to go to the jail for playing some pokies on the Internet? So, is online gambling legal in Australia or no? The funniest thing is that answer will be yes and no at the same time. How’s that? Well, it’s pretty much simple. If we are speaking about the pokies and table games such as Roulette and Blackjack, then they aren’t officially allowed to be played online in Australia. In the view of Australia’s government, the only places where one can actually enjoy these games are land-based casinos and pubs. And while playing pokies from your browser isn’t something that government will support, there is no law that prohibits you from placing wagers online. Moreover, sports or horse race betting is completely legal in Australia. It’s quite contradictory thing considering that betting is considered as a form of gambling. That’s why we said that online gambling is both legal and forbidden in Australia. But the problem isn’t in the laws: as it was mentioned above, it’s not illegal to wager online. Therefore, as long as casino allows you to play there everything is fine. The only risks here is taking the house since it will be them who will be paying fees if it will turn out that you weren’t allowed to gamble online but they didn’t restrict you from using their services.

Online Gambling laws in Australia

Laws in Australia are very controversial when it comes to gambling. On the one hand, playing games of chance for money and betting is one of the most popular activities in Oz. Figures speak for themselves: there are around 200 000 of pokies in this country and over eighty percent of Aussies participate in some form of gambling. On the other hand, while it’s totally okay to play those games in land-based venues, Australian government doesn’t encourage people to gamble on their phones and computers. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. First of all, it’s funny because we are living in a digital world and most of our lives – like it or not – are spent on the phone screens. While land-based casinos have their own perks, they can’t give you the same level of convenience as online gambling platforms. And even though real poker machines are also fun and entertaining, forcing people to choose them over the virtual games sounds like some Luddite approach. But do not worry about that because online gambling laws in Australia was made for casino owners, not the players. Casinos are the ones who are required to ensure that you aren’t playing the restricted games. As a punter, you don’t have to bother yourself with online gambling laws in Australia and try to figure out what games are prohibited to play – just pick the right website and you are ready to go! As long as it’s safe platform, you will be alright. But in order to find one you can use our list of online casinos in Australia – there are only one of the most reliable iGaming venues in whole Internet. [toc]