Free Spins

Free spins is a most common bonus feature that you will find in modern pokie machines. But it wasn’t like that all the time. If you take some older games – like fruit-themed pokies, for example – they won’t have free spin mode. Although they have their own bonuses (in most of the cases those are Hold and Nudge features). As the name suggests, Free Spin bonus is a certain number of spins that you get without any wagering (read: for free). Usually it gets triggered when at least three Scatter symbols appear on the reels. The number of spins that you will get depends on how many Scatters there were on the reels at the moment when this feature was activated. While three of them are a minimum requirement in order to unlock the feature, collecting four or even five of those symbols may result in having twice or triple times more free spins.   This is the thing when we are talking about such games as Queen of Atlantis and Rambo. Although there are slots that have fixed amount of free spins that you can obtain. For example, everybody’s favorite Book of Ra slot: no matter how many Scatters there will be – three or even five – you still will be awarded only with ten free spins. On the bright side, you can extend them by capturing Scatter symbols when you are already playing the bonus mode. Some slots allow you to gamble what you’ve won during the Free Spin feature. For example, you can do it in already mentioned Book of Ra game.   There you will have a choice of guessing the color of the hidden card. Unfortunately, if you fail to succeed in that you will lose everything that you’ve won during the feature. But if you get lucky then you can multiply your winnings up to five times!  

Types of free spins

Depending on the slot that you are going to play there can be different kinds of free spins. For example, there are games that come with Multipliers in the free spin round. If you like these types of free spins then you should definitely check the Dolphin Tale pokie. You can get up to 20x multiplier there (although you will have to sacrifice with the number of spins in order to have it).   If we are talking about Microgaming’s types of free spins then there is at least one more game where one could have high multipliers during the free spin bonus and it’s Harveys pokie. Free spins also can come with Expanding Wilds like it’s realized in Book of Ra where player can get all reels full of Indiana Jones avatars resulting in some monstrous wins there. So it’s completely up to you what kind of free spins to choose.  

Free spins casino

Not only the slot makers but casinos as well offer their customers to get a slice of a dessert called free spins. There are many websites that have welcome package in order to encourage the new players. In most of the cases it’s all about the extra money that one gets when he makes a deposit there but some casinos actually offer free spins in the number of dedicated slot games. But it’s not all!   The most mind-blowing part about this is that some of those games can actually have a free spin feature built in them as well! So you not only get some spins completely free from the casino but you also have a chance to hit some extra ones while you are spending your bonus. But before you rush for some free spins casino there are several things that need to be considered. First of all, you should only play in legit casinos.   Every free spins casino nowadays has some offers, one is better than the other. But you should never – I repeat: never – pick the place to play only by the amount of the welcome bonus that this or that casino is offering their new customers. The most important thing here is fairness of the game provider. How you can know if casino is fair or no? Well, first of all, website where you are going to play some pokies should have a license. License guarantees you that casino owners are using only legitimate software that comes from trusted sources. Every pokie machine should have a Random Number Generator that makes each spin outcome completely random. Some underground casinos that have no license are using fake and fraud software where they can adjust the return rate and how often players will get the bonus (including the free spin drop percentage).   Not even talking about the fact that these websites actually can contain some viruses along with pirated pokie games. Secondly, if you are looking for a trustworthy free spins casino you should actually read some reviews before you decide to make a first deposit in one or another website.   Once you have found some great casino to play one of your favorite games your next step would be to look for slots that have a Free Spin feature built in them. Luckily, it shouldn’t be a big problem since as we wrote above free spins is quite a common thing in most of the modern pokies.  

Free spins no deposit

Some online casinos go even further and offer their customers free spins without necessity of making any deposits there. It’s a pretty sweet offer since it doesn’t require player to risk any of his money. Not a cent! At the same time customer has a chance of actually winning something since most of the games with free spins no deposit have some great features that come with them. You can even hit the Free Spin bonus while using the ones that casino gave you as a part of welcome package! And even if you won’t manage to win anything with the help of this generous casino bonus (after all, casino is offering you only the bonus – they can’t issue you some luck) you still are luckier than most of the players since you actually was able to play real money game for free!   Of course, there are some terms and conditions when it comes to every casino bonus out there. So if you manage to catch some luck and win money prizes during the free spins no deposit bonus, in most of the cases you will have to complete so-called wager requirements in order to cash-out your winnings. In simple words, wagering requirement is how many times you need to playthrough a certain bonus. If we are talking about free spins no deposit bonus then it could be calculated following way: all of your winnings from the bonus should be multiplied by the wagering requirement. For example, if casino has a wagering requirement of x40 for their free spins no deposit bonus and you’ve won ten dollars from the free spin bonus your formula would look like this: $10 x 40 = $400.   Most of the times casinos will ask you to wager from x30 to x40 in order to withdraw the money that you have won from using one of their bonuses. It’s kind of the industry standard. Although, sometimes you can find some wager-free offers as well. In order to get a free spins no deposit bonus you have to sign up where you are going to play and wait until it will be verified by the casino administration.   One more way how you can get free spins without wagering anything is to play a demo-version of the game you like. This will allow you to get the idea of how features are working without risking any of your money. The only downside of it is that demo-versions are played only with fun money therefore you won’t have a chance to win anything real there.  

Free spins no deposit bonus codes

Most of the online casinos today are using a bonus code system. By entering special free spins no deposit bonus codes player can activate the bonus that this code was intended for. Bonus codes are there to help casinos to track their offers and see what works the best for them.   Let’s say there is a casino X that has five different offers running at the moment. Each of the promotion – like free spins no deposit – has its’ own code. Player must enter the code in order to activate one of the following bonuses. Later casino may look at their tracking data that they have collected with the help of this promo code system and make analysis of which offers are gathering the most players.   This eventually will help casino improve their marketing strategy. If you will use free spins no deposit bonus codes then you will get a chance of playing one of the pokies without risking any money – an offer that is hard to imagine seeing in some land-based casino. One thing that you should keep in mind about these no deposit bonus codes though is that they may expire after some time. So if you get one don’t put it on hold for too long otherwise you might find that offer is over.  

Free spins in Australia

Pokies are extremely popular when we are talking about Oz. According to the statistics, there are at least 200 000 of them located in different pubs and casinos all across the country.   But it’s better for them since online casinos provide much more convenient gambling experience along with different promotions that they are running. For example, some casinos will offer you up to 100 of free spins in Australia just for making a first deposit there! If that’s not enough for you, you can look for some websites that even have free spins no deposit bonus where one doesn’t even have to put any money on his account in order to get a free spin bonus. Although not every pokie machine has a free spin feature.   For example, most of the retro games, as we discussed above, do NOT have this popular feature because back in the days the only slot features that player could get were Nudge and Hold features. But with most of the more modern games it’s not the case since vast majority of them has the Free Spin feature. If you want to get the maximum out of the Free Spin bonus you should go high roller.   While it might be a risky thing at first glance, it will definitely pay out if you will be lucky enough to get the Scatters on the reels. Reason for that is quite simple: once the bonus round with free spins in Australia will start all the winnings will be issued according to the bet that you’ve placed before the feature was launched. Unfortunately for the player, he can’t change his wager during the feature since it would be unfair against the casino: if that would be true one could play for pennies changing the amount of initial bet once the bonus would start, thus making an unbelievable profit for himself.  

The best online casino free spins

If you are looking for the best online casino free spins there are several things to consider before joining one or another. First and foremost, as we mentioned before it should be trustworthy website with all necessary licenses. This way you can be sure that you are playing original slot games that have the same return rate as it’s stated in their payout tables.   As for the counterfeit pokie machines, you can see miracles when you are playing the demo version of it and betting some play money: for example, free spin bonus to drop every three-five minutes of playing or just some big wins to occur all the time.   But as soon as you will put some real money there show will be over and you will see the real RTP which can be criminally low. That’s why when you are looking for the best online casino free spins you should always check if the website has the needed licenses. This will save you a plenty of money and time.   Second thing that is worth to pay attention when looking for the best online casino free spins is game catalogue: you definitely want to have some freedom of choice. The more games casino has the better it is for the player since it will be easier for him to find what he actually wants rather than just playing what casino feeds him.     Thirdly, check if the casino has a mobile version. Since most of the free spin bonuses have some wager requirements it will be much easier for you to complete them by playing from your mobile device: you can’t take your desktop with yourself to the work or some appointment.   But mobile you can. Finally, you should check what kind of promotions casino runs at the moment. Do they have some welcome bonuses and free spin offers for their new players? There is nothing bad about being grateful for small mercies but if you can choose the best online casino free spins why should you limit yourself?  

Daily free spins

In order to keep their customers motivated casinos make all kind of promotions from time to time. Depending on the casino there can be tournaments going on every day where participants can win not only cash prizes but also some free spins on daily basis.   Here is a simple example for you. This is actual tournament that one casino was offering their players along with daily free spins some time ago. Every Tuesday pokie lovers could try their luck in so-called slot racings. In order to participate there you would have to deposit at least once. That’s a pretty simple requirement in our opinion.   Then you needed to play one of the casino’s chosen slot machines with minimum bet of fifty cents. Every spin you would make would give you one point. One of the greatest things about that tournament was that size of the bet as well as actual outcome of the spin didn’t matter as long as players were placing the minimum bet.   So, it didn’t made any change if someone was playing with $50 per spin or just $0,5, thus making this daily free spins tournament a perfect promotion for low-rollers and casual gamblers. You also didn’t need to be lucky and have any wins during your spins in order to comply with the terms of that tournament.   Prize pool consisted of 500 free spins in dedicated slot machine and $500 of money prize. Overall 25 persons could win those free spins on daily occasion. In case if you’ve missed that kind of tournament in your casino then you have two options.   One would be to wait for another promotion like that to come to your place and other one would be to simply play pokies that have free spin feature built in them using some of the money that you can get from other casino bonuses. If you have enough patience and credits on your balance, eventually you will be awarded with some free spins.  

Free spins when signing up

As we’ve already discussed above, there are two types of the online casinos. Ones that give players free spin bonuses just by signing up them and others that require making some kind of deposit in order to apply for free spins.   Then again some casinos may ask you to enter some bonus code in order to activate free spins when signing up offer while others will give it to you automatically as soon as your account will be confirmed. But if you’ve entered a bonus code and didn’t receive any free spins then you should contact live support as soon as possible. Most of the casinos today have a Live Chat feature which makes solving any problems thousand times easier rather than making a call or writing an e-mail.   As it was mentioned before, free spins usually come with some wager requirement so make sure you read T&C page carefully before you go for it! One more thing to keep in mind when you sign up for the bonus is to use only the real information about yourself: write only your real name, e-mail address, etc.   If you will use fake information then you won’t be able to receive anything that you’ve won during the free spin rounds. Even if you don’t have any bad intensions, we still urge you to keep this in mind since it’s easy to mistype something when you are filling out the necessary fields to get a free spins when signing up in some casino.   Fortunately, many browsers today support auto-filling feature, so it may help you to prevent any kind of typos (but you still should re-check everything just to be sure). Once you are done, you will have to wait some amount of time before casino managers will check your account details.   In some cases you will have to click some link that they will send to your e-mail (that’s why it’s so important to provide only real data). When your account will be verified (usually it doesn’t take much time) you will be able to start using your free spins.   [toc]