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All Slots Casino reviewWe can only touch upon the wealth of gaming pleasure you’ll get when you join All Slots Casino. Inasmuch as you’re new to the wide, wide, world of All Slots, we should begin at the beginning with the All Slots no deposit bonus.  When you sign up to play at All Slots, the no deposit bonus comes to you automatically, before you make even your first deposit.

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Here it Comes Without a Deposit!

The All Slots no deposit bonus is for $5 free.  Some players have said that $5 free is not much.  True enough.  The All Slots no deposit bonus is meant to give you a taste of the enormous number of games you can play at All Slots casino.

Most online gamers want to have a small financial stake in the outcome of any game even when they are merely checking out the pokies games!  All Slots casino always makes it possible for you to play any game in Practice Mode.  With Over 700 games, All Slots actually encourages new and experienced gamers to play any new or unfamiliar game in Practice Mode.  But, if you’re new and you want to make a small bet, $5 free can go a long way!

After you’ve played a few games with your All Slots No Deposit Bonus, you’ll want to make a deposit.  Here the more lucrative All Slots bonus begins to fill your coffers!  All Slots casino will give you $10 free and a matching deposit bonus of 100% up to $250 when you make your first deposit.

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Make Full Use of the All Slots Bonus

There are some players that are so anxious to fill their account that they deposit more than $250 with their first deposit!  We say “deposit $250 and get the maximum AllSlots casino bonus.”  You don’t have to deposit more with your first deposit.  During your first week at All Slots casino, you can make a second deposit and get the same All Slots bonus: 100% up to $250!  And, when you make a second deposit, you’ll also get $15 free!

Get the All Slots Bonus Two More Times

When you deposit the third and fourth time in the first week, you get a 50% deposit bonus each time.  The first is for up to $500 and the next one is for up to $600.

So, if you’re ready to make a sizable deposit to All Slots casino, make it in increments.  That way you’ll get a lot of AllSlots bonus money for deposits along with your All Slots no deposit bonus!

Pokies Coming From All Corners

With your All Slots no deposit bonus you can begin to roam about the casino.  Many happy All Slots casino gamers have told us that even after many years, they haven’t played every single game All Slots has!

The most prominent category of games is pokies, of course.  There are a few three reel pokies for nostalgia buffs but most of the pokies online at All Slots casino are five reel video pokies.

Five reel video pokies have a story to tell.  Each pokies has characters that bring you into the unfolding story.  Video pokies all have Wild symbols which help score big wins.  The Scatters generally take you to the bonus rounds which provide another level of pokies excitement.  With multipliers and other ways to win big, many a pokies gamer has scored sizable wins playing video pokies and getting to the bonus round often!

$5 FREE No Deposit Bonus + up to $1625 Welcome Package
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Table Games

All Slots casino has perhaps the biggest online selection of table games.  Every game you’ve ever played or heard about is online at All Slots and we dare say that All Slots casino most likely has more than a few table games that you’ve never played nor heard of!  With your $5 free All Slots no deposit bonus plus the potential $1630 of free money and deposit bonuses, you can play table games, if that’s your preference, for years!

Blackjack leads the way with over 50 different varieties.  The rules of all these games are online both on the game screen itself but also at the All Slots casino tutorials.

We would rather you click on All Slots and see all the table games for yourselves but, just to mention a few, there’s roulette, craps, sic bo, baccarat, keno – why, the list is long and getting longer every month as All Slots adds new games!

Video Poker

All Slots has more than 50 different types of video poker.  This is amazing when you consider that video poker is basically five card draw poker without bluffing!  Video poker eliminates bluffing so, if you love poker but don’t love being bluffed, video poker is a perfect alternative.  With 50 + varieties of video poker, you really do need to read the tutorials, play in practice mode, and at first play for small amounts.

Responsible Gambling

All Slots casino is a proud member of every community.  Their motto could be “Play and have fun”.  To this end, All Slots casino is fully dedicated to the principles of responsible gambling.

Responsible Gambling With a No Deposit Bonus

All Slots wants you to take your no deposit bonus and try out as many games as you can in every game category.  They want you to get used to the idea of online gaming as more than mere online gambling.

If you can afford to make large wagers on a spin of the pokies reels, then by all means do so at All Slots casino! But if you truly cannot afford to make large wagers on a single spin but love to play casino games, you’re also more than welcome to play for hours at All Slots casino!

The $5 free All Slots no deposit bonus gets you comfortable with making online gambling more of an online gaming experience!

All Slots Has Many Bonuses

Your no deposit bonus and four deposit bonuses are from the whole story of bonuses at All Slots.  All Slots runs promotions all the time.  A daily promotion may pop up on the screen at any time.  There are promotions that last a single week.  But the promotions that lead the pack and point to All Slots commitment to the theme of “Play and have fun” are the monthly promotions.

$5 FREE No Deposit Bonus + up to $1625 Welcome Package
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Monthly Promotions

Unlike many other online casinos, All Slots’ monthly casinos are designed so that everyone wins!  By almost guaranteeing that everyone wins, All Slots also understands that there will be no new millionaires after the present month’s monthly promotion has expired.  No new millionaires but millions of winners! Rather than have one winner of a giant grand prize, All Slots has thousands of winners of modest prizes.

All Slots’ monthly promotions are divided into weekly playing terms.  You don’t have to play every day for hours to have a chance to be on the leaderboard and win tens of thousands of dollars!  Each week is a separate playing term but you do accumulate points or tickets toward a final event.

Take for instance this month’s promotion with a Safari theme. Each week is a distinct promotion all weaving into the safari theme. Each week you can win free spins, cash bonuses, loyalty points, multipliers and more. Collect tickets for the $25,000 draw at the end of the month. Maybe you’ll even win the all expenses paid safari for two!!! Check in every few days so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Indeed, play and have fun!

Loyalty Club

Another excellent source of bonuses is the Loyalty Club.   Every time you make a wager, win or lose, you earn Loyalty Points.  These points are worth real cash money when you redeem them down the road.  For now, you’ll hold on to them and let them accumulate.

As your Loyalty Points account grows you’ll go up level by level in the Loyalty Club.  Every new level entitles you to a new set of benefits, among them bonuses.

At the very highest level is the VIP Club where your “bonus” might be exclusive tickets to shows and concerts, travel to exhilarating destinations, cruise tickets and more.

Mobile Casino

All Slots introduced their mobile casino in 2007.  Mobile has certainly come a long way since the first casino games appeared on one of the granddaddy mobile devices!  Today, gaming on mobile is as clear and sharp as gaming on a PC screen.

Mobile gaming brings the world of casino gambling full circle.  Whereas, at one time, you had to go to the casino, with online gaming the casino comes to you, and with mobile, the casino goes with you wherever you go!

Live Casino

All Slots knows that with the convenience of online gaming and with the inconvenience in time and expenses of going to a land-based casino, sometimes you want some live action.  So, All Slots has a live casino.  You can play alone at a table or with others.  All Slots live casino offers blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.  If you choose, a Playboy Bunny will deal the cards or spin the wheel.  You can always interact with your dealer.

$5 FREE No Deposit Bonus + up to $1625 Welcome Package
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All Slots casino is regulated by the Regulatory Commission of Malta.  Online casinos see regulation as a good thing!  Gamers send their money to the casino to play casino games.  Regulation means that the public can trust the casino and without the public trust an online casino is just some computer gibberish.


The independent company eCogra certifies that All Slots has honest games.  The honesty of the games is guaranteed by a Random Number Generator in good repair. The RNG controls every game.  This means that All Slots casino has no effect whatsoever on any outcome of any game.

eCogra also certifies that All Slots has safe banking protocols in effect.  All Slots promises to keep your personal data secret.  It also protects your financial records behind a wall of encryption that is similar to that used by commercial banks.


All Slots wants you to communicate with it whenever you have a question or any other matter to discuss.  The FAQ section on the site can never cover every question so All Slots has made itself available for live communication on a 24/7/365 basis via chat, email, or telephone.

Try All Slots

A lifetime of satisfied gaming at All Slots casino begins with the $5 free All Slots no deposit bonus.  From then you enjoy over 700 games, many another AllSlots casino bonus, promotions by day, week, and month or through the Loyalty Club.  The best All Slots bonus is that the casino wishes you all to “Play and have fun”.

It is our sincere hope that this AllSlots Review has convinced you – All Slots is a real top-notch casino, definitely worth your trying it out. Don’t spend any more time thinking about it – just get over there, sign up and start having fun with your $5 bonus – today!

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