Real Money Pokies

How to Play Real Money Internet Pokies

In general pokies include five or three reels of symbols. In order to win you have to match those. There used to be one or three lines but nowadays the number of the playlines goes up to 50. There are other ones which use not the lines but the winning ways, the number of which goes up to 3125.

There is a huge variety to wage on each spin when you’re playing real money pokies. You can use dollar or 1,2,25 cent pokies. The gamblers can choose and play one game at various stakes.

Every spin can be played for a definite number of coins, as a rule anywhere from 1 to 5. Also you may play anywhere between 1 and max amount of lines, which will depend also on the number of coins chosen. The amount of the spin is multiplied by the amount of coins and lines. To get top progressive jackpots you should choose the maximum coins and lines.

The spin of the reel is chosen randomly by generators which assure that the game is fair and the player wins only if he is the lucky one. In this kind of gambling you can’t learn to win so when you play pokies your chances are the same, no matter if you are a new one or an experienced player. That’s why people enjoy this game so much.

By matching some special bonus symbols you can get a bonus round with large payouts. This is the chance to get free spins and win for bigger money in comparison to regular playing. Sometimes you have to be a bit experienced to do it, but not often. But even if so the difference will be really small.