Writing a Research Paper Is Easy With This Quick Guide

A research paper is a traditional academic assignment. No matter where you study and what your major is, you have to complete this task multiple times during your period of education. This means the ability to write a good research paper is a vital skill that every student should master. Let’s discuss major success prerequisites.

Choose an Interesting Topic

To start with, a student has to choose a topic, which is interesting to him/her personally. Working on a randomly picked topic can be boring and counterproductive. Also, the subject you are going to investigate should be interesting to other people and contribute to solving a real-life problem. This will give your work more weight.

On this stage, it is also important to make sure relevant information is available. This will help you avoid writing a poor work due to scarcity of facts and former studies.

Search for Information

When getting down to the research itself, the first thing to do is research. Select several core sources where you will derive data. Make sure they are trustworthy. To be on the safe side, double-check any information you collect on websites. Preferably, stick to .gov and .edu domains only.

To make the search easier, define a number of key words. Selected properly, they will return relevant Google search results.

Wikipedia is a popular base of knowledge, which, however, is hardly suitable for academic activities. Furthermore, in some educational institutions, this source is forbidden for use in this context.

Make a Plan of Your Work

Once information sources are defined and the main data is collected, you can proceed to writing. To make the process easier and more productive, make sure you have a plan. It has to outline both a structure of your paper and its logical sequence. This done, filling the framework with some text is just a routine part of the job.

Certain sections are mandatory for this kind of assignment. They are:

  • Title. It has to be catchy and reflect the subject well.
  • Abstract. This is a short opening section providing general insight into your work. Everyone who takes your paper into their hands will read this page. Whether they will turn over to learn more depends on how strong your abstract is. That said, pay special attention to writhing this section and read relevant guides to be prepared.
  • Introduction. This is the next section where you can provide more details on your work to persuade the reader you have done a great job. To this end, define a problem and focus on how you handle it. Highlight some challenges you faced. Stay concise to urge the reader proceed to the next part of your work.
  • Body. This is the main and the biggest section of your paper. Here, you should present all the data collected, make reasoning and give proposals. Feel free to criticize and point to advantages and drawbacks of studies you use. Proposing an innovative approach to solving the problem will be a plus.
  • Conclusion should be a natural result of all the considerations provided in the previous section. Remember, this is your last chance to impress the reader with your achievements.

Relevant data and a proper approach to writing are what can help every student to submit a great research paper.

How to Write an Impressive Essay Quickly

Every student has their own approach to writing an essay. Some plan the work long ahead and are dedicated to meeting deadlines by any means. Such students typically read a lot on the subject to be fully prepared when they eventually get down to the writing itself.

On the other hand, there are many students who can be classified as last-minute writers. For them, it is not uncommon to postpone doing the assignment till the very last day. To be honest, many of them cope with this kind of task successfully.

Obviously, the two abovementioned groups should use different approaches, with the second case being much more challenging. Let’s discuss how an essay can be composed quickly and with high quality.

Remove All Distracting Factors

When you have a task to be completed within a rather short period of time, the only option to succeed is total immersion and avoiding any distraction factors by all means. First of all, turn off your smartphone to make Facebook, WhatsApp and similar resources unavailable.

Outline a Plan

Having a clear plan of your future paper makes the whole process of writing not only easier, but also much more productive. Once in the process, avoid diverting from the plan.

The first thing to do in this regard is putting down all and any ideas coming to your mind, even the craziest ones. Then, revise the list and select only productive ones, which you will base your considerations upon. Arrange your ideas so that they constitute a consistent plan allowing logical reasoning.

how to write essay

Sound Research Is Vital

An essay, just like any other type of academic paper, requires conducting an extensive research, whereof findings are to be analyzed and explained. To support your considerations, provide trustworthy facts and statistics. With a good set of factual materials, you will have an opportunity to reveal relevant patterns or relations. To be on the safe side, use only reliable sources and tools like Wikipedia, Google Scholar or Google Books. Avoid deriving any information form blog pages as it is subjective by default.

Write Promptly

With all the above at hand, you can get down to putting on paper all your thoughts as they come to your mind. At this stage, selecting the right words and being grammatically correct are not priority. Just write down everything you would like to say on the subject. Focus on giving proof of evidence and explaining it.

Text Revision

Once the draft is completed, read the text to make sure that you apply consistent reasoning and solid arguments. Remove any meaningless parts and add what you think can make your position stronger. There should be no logical gaps in your narration.

When you believe the content is satisfactory and no more amendments to the point are required, read the text once again to revise it for grammar or spelling mistakes. Consider using such online tools as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor to this end.

Final Check

As a final step, double-check your finished paper for plagiarism using online services like Plagtracker or TurnItIn. Make sure the required formatting standards are observed. If everything’s OK, congratulations! You have done a great job, and your essay has all chances to impress your teacher.